Play written by Queen Anne and King Michael I of Romania, to be on air


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The Romanian public radio will broadcast a stage play written by late Queen Anne and King Michael I of Romania, in premiere on October 25, when it is also the king’s birthday.

“The Choice” written in 1960 during the royal couple’s exile in Versoix , will be on air within the National Radio Theatre project. The performance is listed among the events dedicated to His Majesty’s 95th anniversary. The theatre play will be broadcast on October 25, at 23:05 at Radio Romania Actualitati, informed.

The radio adaptation and direction is signed by Ion Andrei Puican, with great Romanian actors starring: Ion Caramitru, Victor Rebengiuc, George Mihăiţă, Marius Bodochi, Dorin Andone, Marius Călugăriţa, Marcelo Cobzariu and Daniela Ioniţă Marcu.

The play is a stirring mediation on the human being, on his spirit and passions, but also on the temptations of all sorts luring him and on the human being’s place in the universe.

The contrast between Ease and Bitter, the two characters that are trying to lure the Human Being and to direct his facts and aspirations so that he could make a choice, is perfectly underlined. The dispute cannot stop but with the idea that hiding in faith and love is the only salvation of the human being.

“The Choice” was published in the volume “A war, an exile, a life” recounted by late Queen Anne and written by Prince Radu, with a foreword by H.M. King Michael I, a volume published at Humanitas Publishing House in 2004, re-edited in 2004 and 2008.

In the volume, Queen Anne confessed how they began to write the play. “That night we started to write our lives: his life under communism, my life amidst a frivolous world. And then, together, we discovered a common character, the friend who was the third voice. The voice of purity (…) We kept on writing and the catchwords were laying down naturally on paper. So, the entire story was written together; we wove our thoughts, ideas, fantasy (…) We used to talk, to write, to show each other what we had written in private (…) It’s curious, we both wrote without being able to stop. We were inspired! We called the play “The Choice”. We first wrote it in English, then in French and after several years, also in Romanian. Only that we couldn’t find an end. And that’s because we didn’t know what answer to give to this world, how to contribute ourselves to healing the wounds that had also touched us. The end came from both our minds and souls, staying and reflecting together. “Our solution was (…) love. So we decided what to do with our story and characters in the play: to direct them to love.”

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