Polish artists paint block of flats in Militari district

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A group of artists coming from Poland have created a monumental painting on children’s rights on the outside wall of a block of flats on Iuliu Maniu Boulevard in Bucharest (Militari district). It is the third work of this type conducted in a joint project between the Polish Institute in Bucharest and the District 5 City Hall. The uncovering of the painting is scheduled on Wedneday, October 7, at 11:00 on 190 Iuliu Maniu Bvd (the eastern wall).Pictura Murala 2015 proiect

„The painting concept directly refers to the children’s personality development right since their birth, basing on the ideas and values promoted by Janusz Korczak, a Polish Jewish writer and educator, whose ideas used to underlie the UN Convention for the Child’s Rights,” explained Maja Wawrzyk, director of the Polish Institute in Bucharest.

The painting uses the famous game when the child must link up some points on a sheet of paper to discover a certain drawing. 18 points (years) forming a kite are in fact representing the coming of age and the moment when the child is ready „to fly’ into the world. The kite is the symbol of freedom, airiness and lack of obstacles in discovering the world.

The author of the project is the young Polish artist Wojciech Wozniak, who, together with the other members of the Mural Painting School in Gdansk- Rafal Roskowinski, Jacek Zdybel and Monika Reut- made that painting. The same artists set up the famous Monumental Art Gallery in Zaspa district from Gdansk, which comprises 60 mural paintings at present. Due to the project, this common proleratian neighborhood known in the 80s as the one where Lech Walesa used to live, became a cultural and touristic attraction of the city, as well as a creation joint for the artists originating from various fields.

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