Polish Poster School, on display in Bucharest


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The economy of shapes, innovating writing, fantasy, irony and the extraordinary ability to sum up reality are features that made the Polish poster famous around the world 60 years ago.

You can convince yourself about the way that this form of Polish art used to depict world in a contemporary manner by visiting the exhibition “The Contemporary Polish Poster/Three Perspectives” on display at UNAgaleria in Bucharest until December 19. The access is free.

The best traditions of the famous Polish Poster School are continued, among others, by three exceptional illustrations: Ryszard Kajzer, Łukasz Kliś and Sebastian Kubica.

Invited by the Polish Institute in Bucharest, they picked 48 of their works that were comprised in the above-mentioned exhibition on display in Bucharest with the support of the UNARTE National Art University in Bucharest.

Each of the three artists developed their own style, recognizable from the first sight.

Ryszard Kajzer has an ingenious, pictorial way of using letters, Łukasz Kliś has a precise drawing, reminding of the digitalization of the contemporary world, while Sebastian Kubica distinguishes himself through the mix of clear, expressive curves and deep color. The three illustrators have been repeatedly awarded in various national and international contests. They belong to the middle generation of the most interesting representatives of the Polish Poster School.

They will also lecture a course in Bucharest, for the students of the National Art University, while also holding graphics projections workshops.


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