Princeps Publishing launches Fantasy collection with the first book in English written by one of the youngest authors in Romania


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Princeps Publishing launches Fantasy collection with The Rapping Astronaut, the first book in English written by one of the youngest authors in Romania, Sonia Marta, who at only 12 years old is already completing her second editorial experience.

In the last few years, The society started to adapt their educational model in schools to prepare today’s children to become a generation who will take responsibilities and will fulfill their dreams. Emotional intelligence development for children is an area that more and more educators are beginning to look at, it is a condition of wellbeing and balance for children when they grow and reach maturity.

It is remarkable that Sonia, who was 11 when she wrote the story, has the maturity and experience to understand the need to authentically express herself, in spite of social pressure. Sonia still maintained her genuine innocence, gentleness and playful spirit to be able to portray this story in a way that will capture little readers’ hearts. If Sonia were to write this story at the age of 21, 31 or 41, the character of Austro would be a lot different, which is normal.

It is a joy to read a story about courage and inner confidence, and to be able to do that with a child’s eye and soul. As soon as you begin the story, it is easy to love Austro immediately. It is also easy to identify with the setting and the scenarios within the story as they are easily relatable, especially for children. Austro is not a superhero, nor is he untouchable; he is one of us, with habits and reactions that are normal and genuine; he has questions and doubts that any child has in today’s day and age. This ongoing process of the ‘young generation’ is tackled here with humour, frankness and optimism”, explains Ioana Craciun, the book editor.

Sonia Marta is an avid reader and loves the world of books, especially fiction. Her first book was published when she was 10 years old, on Children’s day in 2018. Since then, she has met more than 1000 children on her journey, visiting schools and kindergartens talking about the importance of reading and creativity.

Studying every day in a multicultural community with more than 25 nationalities learning in English, Sonia wrote this book in English to encourage other children to learn this international language; the Romanian version is now being prepared.

To complete Sonia’s story, the illustrations are suggestive and genuine, created by Ioana Rusu, a graduate of UNArte in Bucharest, bringing the magic of childhood worlds to life between the covers of this book, capturing you in the fictitious universe of Austro. She has a particular interest in illustrating children’s books, while also working as a jewellery graphic designer. She paints, loves mural arts and explores different artistic projects with passion.

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