Programme and access rules at ROCK THE CITY 2022 – KISS, POWERWOLF


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The ROCK THE CITY festival returns to the public’s attention on July 16, 2022, with the Americans from KISS, a band on their farewell tour. The Germans from Powerwolf, Deep Waters and Saints’N’Sinners will perform in the opening.

The festival will take place in parking lot A of the Romexpo complex, the event being presented by East European Production, D&D East Entertainment and Marcel Avram!

Spectators are kindly to come in time so as not to overcrowd the access channels and not to miss the beginning of the concert!

OPEN DOORS: 14.30hrs;

SAINTS’N’SINNERS – 16.00hrs;
DEEP WATERS – 17.10hrs;
POWERWOLF -18.45hrs;
KISS – 21.00hrs.

Upon entering the location, all participants will be checked by security agents. Access to food and beverages outside the location is not allowed. There will be enough points of sale in the perimeter of the location where you can buy soft drinks and snacks. Access to the concert space will be allowed on the basis of a valid ticket, to one person, once. The ticket based on which the access will be made will have to be kept during the whole concert, the spectators being asked to have a valid identity card on them.

Due to the very loud noise produced during events of this type, the organizers do not recommend the presence of children under 7 at the concert. The organizers warn the participants that the shows include strong light effects, which could harm children, pregnant women or people with epilepsy. For the same reason, the presence of children under 3 years is strictly prohibited. Children aged between 3 and 16 can participate only accompanied by parents, based on a valid ticket with full price, and over 16 years can participate unaccompanied. If the parent chooses to come with the child, his access can only be made on the basis of a valid ticket, without free or reduced purchase.

It is strictly forbidden to sell or buy invitations and to sell or buy extra tickets. It is strongly recommended to purchase tickets only from authorized points.

Access is banned with:

• drugs or illegal / prohibited / dangerous / toxic / medicinal substances, except for substances necessary for proven medical reasons

coolers or refrigerated boxes;

• backpacks or bags larger than an A4 sheet of paper;

• bottles (glass or plastic – pet), cans, cans;

• folding chairs, pillows, covers, tents, inflatables;

• food or beverages of any kind – alcoholic or non – alcoholic – from outside the enclosure;

• weapons of any kind, handcuffs, knives of any kind, cutters, sticks, maces, pepper sprays, crippling sprays, crowbars, sticks;

• sharp objects, objects that can cut, dangerous objects any kind, scissors, razor blades, sharp or sharp jewelry, chains or other objects that may pose a public danger;

• laser objects (eg pointers, laser lighters), candles;

• audio / video recording equipment, selfie sticks, tripods, monopods, etc .;

• professional or semi-professional cameras / video (DSLR type, Mirrorless type, Leica type, GoPro type);

• Ipads, tablets, laptops, drones;

• bicycles, scooters, segways;

• objects that produce noise, whistles, horns, horns, instruments, bells, vuvuzelas, sound-producing devices powerful electronically, mechanically or manually;

• banners, posters, larger than A3, flags, blankets, balls;

• umbrellas;

• fireworks, smoke, torches, pyrotechnic articles of any kind, sprays, paints, objects or flammable liquids;

• Pets.

During the event, spectators are asked to keep their tickets for the check-in. People who want to leave the event area can do so, but if they want to re-enter, they will have to buy other tickets.

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