Renowned British author M. J. Arlidge is coming to Romania for the first time

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Renowned English author of crime novels starring Detective Inspector (DI) Helen Grace, M. J. Arlidge is coming to Romania for the first time to attend the launching of his novel “Hide and Seek” at Trei Publishing House.

Born in 1974, Arlidge has combined the TV producer career with writing, becoming one of the most appreciated author of thriller novels worldwide.

The launching of “Hide and Seek” in Romania is due at Humanitas Cismigiu bookstore in Bucharest, on March 26 at 19:00hrs.

Arlidge’s first novel was published in May 2014. Eeny Meeny introduced a new British police officer, Detective Inspector Helen Grace. Arlidge famously pitched the first seven novels in the series to his publisher Penguin at their first meeting and other Helen Grace novels soon followed, including Pop Goes the Weasel (Sept 2014), The Doll’s House (March 2015) or Liar Liar and Little Boy Blue.

Matthew Arlidge was born in London in 1974, the youngest of four siblings. In between school and university, he traveled extensively, teaching in a school in southern India, as well as visiting Singapore and Australia. On his return to the UK, he studied for an English Literature degree at St Johns College, Cambridge. During this period he met his future wife, won the Douglas Chivers prize for outstanding Shakespear scholarship and mastered the specialist skill of punting. He subsequently spent a year studying Film and Television Production at Bristol University.

The idea of his first novel was inspired by the typology of the reality show that entitled the viewers to decide the presence or the removal of the contenders in a show, based on their reviews and votes.

Detective Inspector Helen Grace is the heroine of Arlidge’s series of serial killer thrillers set in and around the English coastal city of Southampton. A tough, determined police officer who rides a motorbike and prefers to travel through life alone, she nevertheless is beset by personal demons. The legacy of a troubled childhood makes itself felt through her mood swings and tendency towards depression. She neither drinks nor takes drugs, so expiates her dark moods through the controlled use of pain, administered to her by her loyal dominator, Jake. She lives alone, takes occasional lovers and is deeply committed to her work. The criminals she pursues are sadistic, violent and determined, meaning Helen has to put her life on the line to bring them in. She is assisted by a number of colleagues at Southampton Central, most notably her loyal friend, DC Charlene “Charlie” Brooks.

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