Renowned film director Lucian Pintilie dies at 84

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Film director Lucian Pintilie died at the Elias Hospital in Bucharest on Wednesday evening, after a long suffering caused by several chronic affections.

Lucian Pintilie was born on November 9 1933, in Tarutino, Bessarabia, today Ukrainian territory, and graduated the Institute of Theatre and Cinematography “I.L. Caragiale” in Bucharest in 1956.

After tens of theatre plays staged in Bucharest, in 1965, Pintilie directed his first feature film, “Duminica la ora 6” (Sunday at 6), followed by a second one in 1968, “Reconstituirea” (Reconstruction), a dark social satire, that also brought a ban from Romania for two years against him.

After a new ban upon the “Revizorul” play (The Inspector General, 1972), Lucian Pintilie received a passport and he was urged to leave the country. He settled down in France, but came back to Romania to finish shootings for “De ce trag clopotele, Mitica” (For Whom the Bell Tolls, Mitica?, 1982), following his own screenplay based on the “Only during the Carnival” play. However, the movie could be seen in Romania only after the Revolution of 1989, reports.

After his return to Romania, in 1990, he had a prolific activity on directing films: “Balanta” (Balance, 1992), “O vara de neuitat” (Unforgettable Summer, 1994), “Prea tarziu” (Too Late, 1996), “Terminus Paradis (1998), for which he was awarded the Special Price of the Jury of the Venice Festival), “Dupa amiaza unui tortionar” (The Afternoon of A Torturer, 2000), “Nikki Ardeneal, colonel in rezerva” (Nikki Ardelean, a reserve colonel, 2003), the short film”Tertium non datur” (2006).

Pintilie received the Excellence Award of the Romanian cinematography (2002), the Gopo Award for his entire career (2007), the National Order “Romania’s Star” in rank of Grand Cross (2008) from President Traian Basescu, the Award for the best foreign book about film (“Bricabrac”, 2010) from the Trade Union of the French Film Critics, the Excellence Award of the Transylvania International Film Festival (2011).

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