“Respect”, the theme of European Comics Salon 2017

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Bucharest will host the fifth edition of the European Comics Salon during May 9-22, a project of the EUNIC cluster in Romania and supported by the European Commission Representation.

The 2107 edition is running under an extremely actual theme, RESPECT, chosen in compliance with the latest events that marked the European political and social stage: conflicts, debates related to the refugee crisis or the incertitude generated by the terrorism hotbeds. The access is free.

The works of the artists coming from 15 countries (Austria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden) reflect this theme and the new architecture of the European political and social tensions, through comics.respect_sebd

Five countries- Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Finland and France- are attending this edition with works within this project focused on this topic.

There are stories that bring invisible men around us into the limelight, choices that youngsters are facing or the interaction between minorities and majorities. There will also be creation such as the Dutch contribution or Sara Granér’s contribution, which talk about the need of human while-heartedness. Greek artist Dimitra Adamopououlu, Czech artist Toy Box and the Austrian Blickwinkel Project reflect the refugee crisis, while the Polish comic focuses on the Roma history in Europe. Tolerance is reminded in the works of the artists from Italy and Cyprus and the story of Estonian artist Maarika Martins is providing an optimist example of openness to the others. It’s particularly impressive the variety of the social themes signed by the Romanian artists, a part of the exhibition curated by Alexandru Ciubotariu,” said Elisabeth Marinkovic, director of the Austrian Cultural Forum, coordinator of the SEBD 2017 edition.

The programme of the events planned this year also comes under the same line. “Comic in support for women: sexual harrasment and huma trafficking”, “Graphic reflections on depression, loneliness and adult life”, “Bullying in schools” are just some topics under issue within the European Comics Salon this year.

We kindly invite you to discover the European Comics Salon together, with the hope that the experience of this event will inspire us all to keep the courage to stay open minded even in times of crisis, and particularly, to not forget the respect to one another,” Elisabeth Marinkovic added.

Experimental Project and Olivia Nitis signed the exhibition concept of this edition, while the visual is signed by artist Alexandru Ciubotariu.

The project will be launched right on Europe Day on May 9 within a a special event rejoining the varnishing day hosted by Rezidența Scena9, as well as a live music and drawing performance by Austrian band Bonnage Horreur.

The Romania Journal is supporting the event as media partner.

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