Restaurant powered by two Romanian chefs, ranked by “Vogue” among the best five ones in Paris

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Romanian Ecaterina Paraschiv and two Romanian chefs, specialized across some top cooking schools, are making history with a restaurant opened in a cool district in Paris, France.

One of the chefs, Bogdan Alexandrescu, ”Dexter” from Bucharest, has been a finalist in the first season of MasterChef TV show. He studied at l’Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes du Goût from Paris. Ovidiu Malișevschi comes from Cluj and studied at Le Cordon Bleu.

Ibrik Kitchen, with Bogdan Alexandrescu and Ovidiu Malişevschi as chefs, has been ranked by Vogue magazine among the best five restaurants in the French capital, while it has been also mentioned by Le Figaro.

The Romanian restaurant has opened in December 2018. The owner, Ecaterina Paraschiv has been living in France for several years.

Recently opened on rue de Mulhouse in Paris, Ibrik Kitchen counts on the typical Balkan cuisine. Chefs Bogdan Alexandrescu and Ovidiu Malișevschiare cooking chicken goulash, cabbage rolls stuffed with pork and creamy polenta, but also beef with black truffle, Carpathians fish… Exotic and very successful,” says Vogue. gastronomy website has also mentioned the restaurant, describing it as “a version of the Byzantine Empire”, “where East and West meet up over Turkish coffee and sweet pastries”.

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