Revlon – cosmetics made based on the latest technologies

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Revlon is a famous American brand founded in 1932 by brothers Charles and Joseph Revson and whose activity is based on decorative cosmetics and hair care products. The first cosmetic product launched by the renowned brand was a nail polish and after that Revlon expanded its portfolio with a wide range of high quality products, which meet the demands of the most exigent customers.


Revlon products are designed based on the latest technologies and in partnership with the most professional make up artists and hair stylers. The products are found in all beauty salons in the world and, due to its top quality, the brand enjoys a tremendous number of satisfied and pleasantly surprised clients.

Here are some  of the brand’s range of innovative products.

Decorative cosmetics

  • Bases, which will provide more durability to the foundation, but also to other cosmetics, and will reduce unaesthetic look of the pores;
  • Concealers, meant to mask the dark circles under your eyes, but also other flaws of the skin;
  • Foundations, which have the capacity to cover the complexion, offering it a natural and radiant look. The foundations have an innovative formula that has the property of covering all imperfections, but also of enabling a delicate care of the epidermis;
  • Eye shadows, which underline the beauty of the eyes;
  • Blushes, which perfectly highlight the cheekbones;
  • Highlighters, which help the necessary areas of the face become lighter;
  • Face powders, which perfectly fix the make up;
  • Lip liners, which define and increase the durability of the lipstick;
  • Eye liners, which enable drawing precise and thin lines, by providing expressiveness to the look;
  • Eyebrow pencils that correct their shape and fill the gaps;
  • Mascaras, which have the property of covering the eyelashes with an intense black colour and of offering them more volume and length;
  • Lipsticks, which perfectly cover the lips with a persistent nuances, by making them more sensual and soft.

Hair care products

Revlon takes care of the hair, so it launched several remedies for all types of hair, such as:

  • Shampoos, which enable a deep cleaning and which provide the hair with a healthy and well-groomed aspect;
  • Hair conditioners, which offer softness and enable combing;
  • Hair serum, which help the top regeneration and protect the strands against the harmful environmental factors;
  • Styling gels, which contribute to the hair styling and which give volume;
  • Hair masks, which regenerate and improve the condition and look of the curls;
  • sprays, which offer shine and perfume to the hair;
  • hair oils,  which feed the hair with nutrients, hydrate and smooth the hair, by providing it with vitality.


Furthermore, the U.S. brand has a rich variety of hair dyes, which contribute to a perfect look, by providing the hair with a nice, strong nuance.

As all cosmetics are designed based on the latest technologies, Revlon is one of the most famous and popular brands, with customers being able to also buy the products online.

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