Rock bands to perform pro bono for the Colectiv victims

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Romanian high sounding rock bands will tread the boards at Beraria H in Bucharest during October 28-30, within the #3010 Festival to perform pro bono for the Colectiv fire’s victims.

The event is organized by the Colectiv GTG 3010 Association, which will use the funds obtained from the ticket sale to discount the medical treatment of those injured in the Colectiv deadly blast.

When I assumed this responsibility to contact and convince bands to perform at the #3010 Festival I didn’t expect so many positive answers. I know how hard is for a band to sacrifice one weekend night, especially if we talk about a concert in another town, how much time, energy and resources such an event is involving,” said Catalin Scanteie, organizer.

The artists performing at the upcoming charitable festival are: Compact, Coma, Truda, Kempes, Metrock, Talisman, Altar, Awake, W3 4R3 NUM83R5, Costi Cămărășan Band, Florin Chilian, Anton, Fallen, Nexus, Hatemode, Gray Matters, 7 Semne, Bulletproof, Trooper, Krypton Unplugged.

Attending this event doesn’t mean only three days of concerts and good music. It’s our message for those 64 youngsters who passed away that we haven’t forgotten them. It’s also a helpful hand to the survivors, those who have been fighting every day in the past year to have a new chance for a normal life,” said Eugen Iancu, founding member of the Colectiv GTG 3010 Association.

Tickets are available at Beraria H or online at, and

One ticket is RON 50, and a three-day pass is RON 100.

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