ROCKSTADT EXTREME FEST is coming: August 1- 4, 2019

Accept, Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Dimmu Borgir, Candlemass as most awaited band in the festival

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Almost 3 weeks till the metal fans are going to enjoy the most waited festival of the year. Important band in metal area will perform live at the seventh edition of Rockstadt Extreme Fest on the ground of Transylvania.

Access in the festival area is allowed only with a valid ticket. By attending this event, you accept and agree with the following rules. Each person will receive a wristband that ensures access in the festival area throughout the event. Please have it with you at all times and don’t remove it. In case of loss or destruction, it will not be reimbursed, and the owner will be evicted from the festival area.

To avoid any unwanted situations we insist you buy tickets only from authorized distributors. Tickets contain security features and will be checked at the entrance of the festival area. Avoid buying tickets from unknown parties and do not forge tickets! Against people who commit forgery, deception or other actions to this purpose, the organizers will file a criminal complaint.

Children up to 12 years old will have free access to the festival if they are accompanied by a parent or tutor with a valid subscription or ticket.

People with disabilities will receive free access to the festival by prior registration. Given the festival’s location, the ground could be uneven or muddy in some parts, which means that crossing certain areas might prove difficult. Rockstadt Extreme Fest staff will assist if needed.

The well known speed metal band ACCEPT will be one of the headliners. Accept established in the early 1970s, in Solingen, Germany, is one of the bands that has greatly contributed to the popularity of speed metal and thrash metal of the German music scene in the 1980s (the period in which it is believed to be the beginning of heavy metal scene in Germany).

The first materials, “Accept” (1979), “I’m a Rebel” (1980) or “Breaker” (1981), attracted the attention of the German underground movement through the interesting mix of speed and thrash metal, two styles that have consecrated them and are closely associated with them. About “Restless and Wild” (1982), the record dealing with major social themes such as politics, interpersonal relationships, or sexuality, is said to have the most pronounced features of the genre later defined as speed metal.

ACCEPT have achieved commercial success with their fifth studio album, “Balls to the Wall” (1983), with the homonym song reaching the international tops including the US and Canada.

The career of the Teutons was marked by numerous changes in band line-up and split-up, the first being in 1989, shortly after the release of new record (Eat the Heat), by 1992 and a second from 1997 to 2009 (with a brief reunion in 2005). In spite of this tumultuous evolution, ACCEPT brought to light three albums that propelled the group to the top places of the international charts: “Blood of the Nations” (2010), “Stalingrad” (2012) and “Blind Rage” (2014) being the one who placed ACCEPT on the first place in the native country charts, Finland and top ten of many other countries, such as Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden or Switzerland. The Rise of Chaos (2017) followed, which has strengthened its iconic position of speed, thrash and heavy metal, and brings back to light elements dominated by complex arrangements ranging from coral passages that were suddenly interrupted by silence or complete of energetic rhythms, such as “Die By The Sword” or “No Regrets,” dominated by guitar alert solos.

Over the course of their career, ACCEPT has been on stage of some of the most popular festivals such as Woodstock (Poland), Wacken Open Air, Czech Masters Of Rock Festival or Bang Your Head Festival.

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