Rockstadt Indoor Fest, April 5th to April 7th, at Kruhnen Musik Halle in Brasov

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by Monica Apostol

Ihsahn (photo), Samael, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Grave, Memoriam, Deez Nuts, Dordeduh and Last Hope will perform live to a new edition of Rockstadt Indoor Festival  from April 5th to April 7th at Kruhnen Musik Halle in Brasov.

“Come to see exclusive concerts in Romania with over 10 bands coming from 2 continents, from black metal to hardcore right in the center of the country” is the message of the organizer. Tickets have been already put on sale, and are available online and on In Brasov, subscriptions are available at Rockstadt Club!

IHSAHN comes from Notodden, Norway, where he at the age of 13 started playing in what developed into one of the world’s most influential black metal bands, Emperor. At only 17 he recorded and performed In The Nightside Eclipse, which has been many times over voted one of the top metal albums of all time. Since then, IHSAHN has divided his time between the metal and avant-garde worlds in projects like Emperor, Thou Shalt Suffer, Peccatum, Hardingrock and last but not least his ongoing solo vessel, IHSAHN. In addition to his work as a musician, he teaches guitar, writes columns for Guitar World and is together with partner Heidi S. Tveitan running Mnemosyne Productions and Symphonique studio.

Ihsahn about religion and politics, according to “In the last few years, I couldn’t be more proud of being an avid adversary of religion, in a general sense. If you look at the world today, it all makes sense to me now. It feels good to still feel that opposition to those kinds of powers. That’s not entirely a political thing, but then so much of politics is influenced by people’s superstitions. It’s crazy, the things we are meant to accept because we have to respect people when they believe in supernatural things. It’s like mediums and psychics on TV… imagine those people saying ‘No, we can’t allow kids into this classroom because it’s haunted!’ Well, that’s basically the same thing, it’s just not culturally ingrained and no one takes it seriously, but religion is an older, bigger thing. As far as politics are concerned, I guess everyone was pretty surprised about Donald Trump winning the presidency. There’s not much to say, really. How is that even possible? It’s going to be an interesting time. I hope, for once, that bureaucracy is very slow and old-fashioned, so it takes a very long time to make changes! I think people knew that if they voted for Hillary, things would be the same, so they voted for something crazy just to change things.


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