Romania tops travel destination ranking by Norwegian globetrotter

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Romania ranks first in the top 12 countries worth visiting by anyone once in a lifetime. The top was made by Norwegian Gunnar Garfors, who travelled all around the world before turning 37.

Gunnar Garfors visited all 198 countries in the world by the time he turned 37. So when people ask him which country was his favorite, he has a hard time picking just one. But there are 12 countries he thinks everyone should visit at some point in their lives, reads a Business Insider feature.

Now aged 40, Garfors chose Romania as the first travel destination worth visiting. “Transylvania, best known for its castles, mountains, and, of course, Dracula, will stun you. Not to forget the parties in the capital, Bucharest. And Romanians even know how to make great beer,” he argued his choice.

The ranking further included Madagascar, Iceland, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Kiribati, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Dominica, Norway and Uruguay.

Gunnar Garfors has recently published a book about his travelling experience, “198: How I Ran Out of Countries”.

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