Romanian blouse and hat visible from outer space


Electric Castle festival due at Banffy Castle in Bon?ida, Cluj this Saturday, June 27 will host the shooting scene of an epic short about Romania that will also comprise full-color Ultra HD images shot from the satellite with Urthecast system. Canadian group Urthecast plans to put a 16-satellite constellation in orbit to image the Earth. The new proposal would see free-flying optical and radar sensors circling the globe by the start of the next decade.

The interstellar short film will be released this autumn, mixing striking images, music, hi-tech and fairy tale, being shot in various locations both on the Earth and in the outer space.

The unprecedented initiative is part of the #PepsiChallenge global campaign developed along with internationsl stars and prestigious partners. In Romania, the project is supported by Pepsi® România.Pepsi simbol_gif

So, the Electric Castle festival will turn into a huge orchestics scene, visible from the space and set up with the help of 200-person team and with 4,000 square meters of tricolour fabrics. You can see the live shooting on June 27, starting 13:20, when Urthecast equipped satellite will fly over Romania.

Romania’s message will focus on two huge-size characters wearing Romanian traditional folk costumes, while being connected by the international symbol of peace.

Moreover, to mark the Ia (Romanian Blouse) Universal Day on June 24, Pepsi invites Romanians to take photos of them wearing traditional costumes, a Romanian embroidered peasant blouse or a hat and to post them on Facebook or Instagram using #iasipalaria and #pepsichallenge hashtags.

„We are very proud that Romania is taking part in this global project. It is a project that defies conventions, while being innovative on technology, cinema and marketing. It was a challenge to find the smartest solution in order to create a message that can be visible from outer space and we are anxious to see the final outcome. We invite all Romanians to keep an eye on Electric Castle and we suggest participants to wear Romanian blouses and hats to support the story of this unique project,” Adriana Nestoriuc, Associate Marketing Manager Carbonated Soft Drinks & Juices România told a press release.

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