Romanian Excelsior Theatre, in the Guinness Book of Records!

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The Guinness World Records representatives have registered the record set by Excelsior Theatre in Bucharest, which thus becomes the first theatre in Romania that sets a world record. The distinction has been granted for the largest rotating stepped row of seats in the world. This has been built especially for the “Vlaicu Voda” theatre play by Alexandru Davila, an event held on the occasion of the Great Union Centennial.

It is a great honour and joy to be in the Book of Records. For us, it is the more important the more the acknowledgment has come for the <Vlaicu Voda> show, a special project dedicated on the Centennial of Great Union, where a team of over 700 artists and technicians have worked. I think that, next to the audience’s applause, this record is the greatest joy that the Excelsior Theatre could have on this anniversary”, said Adrian Găzdaru, the theatr’s manager.

The theatre play, directed by Horia Suru, a project organized by the Bucharest City Hall, took place for an entire day in Constitutiei Square in the Capital, during June 8-10 and August 22-26, 2018, from 10:00hr to 22:30hr.

The medieval life-sized village built for this production event has recalled the fascinating world six centuries ago to the smallest detail. Nine houses, eight defence towers, four craftsman workshops, an inn and a church (an interpretation of San Nicoara church in Curtea de Arges), hundreds of folk costumes and masks, tens of musicians (players, choir and archaic ensemble), next to villagers, guards, riders, craftsmen (master potters, wooden sculptors, weavers) have reenacted the old medieval times.

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