Romanian film director Marius Olteanu, selected at Berlinale’s Forum

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Romanian film director Marius Olteanu has been selected in the Forum programme of the Berlin International Film Festival this year, due on February 7-17.

“Monstri/ Monsters” by Marius Olteanu is the only Romanian feature film selected at Berlinale 2019.

Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art is putting on the Forum as part of the Berlinale for the 49th time. The main programme consists of 39 films, 31 of which world premieres.

“Monsters” tells the story of one day from the life of a 40yo couple, a story that follows their relationship, exploring how a series of challenges and encounters with other people push them towards the end of their life as a couple.

The screenplay, written by Olteanu himself, follows Dana (Judith State) and Arthur (Cristian Popa), two 40-year-olds who have been married for eight years, whom the family, the society and their friends seem to adore but only when they are together; when on their own, Dana and Arthur are facing the criticism of the others, because of their needs, convictions and their life options.

A film based on the idea that “maybe the biggest proof of love is letting go”, “Monsters” was shot over 28 days, with the production started in April 2018, and a short sequence shot last September.

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