Romanian film „The Christmas Gift”, awarded at the largest short film festival


Romanian film „The Christmas Gift” directed by Radu Mureșanu, has won the big trophy of the „Clermont-Ferrand” International Short Film Festival, the largest festival of this kind in the world.

For 20 minutes, the short film is taking us back in time, during the anti-communist Revolution of December 1989 in Romania. It’s set in Timisoara, when the anti-communist demonstrators were repressed.

A son’s letter to Santa for Christmas turns his father’s evening into a thriller he did not ask for. It is the moment when a father discovers that his son has written in a letter to Santa Claus, that his father wanted the death of dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu.

In November last year, „The Christmas Gift” was also awarded at the Cottbus festival, Germany.

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