Romanian ‘Lad’s dances’ included on UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage

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“Lad’s dances” Romanian folk dances were included on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural patrimony on Wednesday, next to other 29 traditions and customs across the world.

Romania is also present on the UNESCO list with the ritual of Căluș, included in November 2006, with Doina, included on October 2009, with Horezu ceramics included in December 2012 and with the custom of male flock carol in Romania and Republic of Moldova (2013).

One of the Lad’s dances is the one typical to the community of Ticușul Nou, a village located 70 kilometers away from Brasov, part of Comana commune in Făgăraș land.

The dance is performed by men aged 5 to 70 on various festive occasions and as stage performances. One of the dance leaders is training the group, while a second leader is leading the dance. “Participants can include Hungarian and Roma dancers, as well as Romanian dancers, contributing to intercultural dialogue and social cohesion. The dance helps young men to strengthen their status in traditional communities, particularly among girls and their families in anticipation of marriage,” reads the UNESCO website.

“Romania has succeeded to have the Lad’s dance included on UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, a dance that is particularly performed in Transylvania,” Culture Minister Vlad Alexandrescu also posted on his Facebook account on Thursday.

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