Romanian movie to be distributed as a first in the U.S. by two giants of the film industry

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“Colectiv” documentary directed by Alexander Nanau, following the developments in Romania in the first year after the tragic fire in the Colectiv nightclub in Bucharest that claimed 64 lives, will be released in the United States in spring next year, being distributed by two of the giants of the world film industry:  Magnolia Pictures and Participant.

They have in their portfolio such internationally awarded productions as “Good Night and Good luck”, “Spotlight”, “The Post”, “Green Book”, “Roma”, “The Square” or “Shoplifters”.

It is for the first time that a Romanian film joins the portfolio of the film giants.


The documentary „Colectiv”, a Romania-Luxembourg co-production, has premiered at the International Film Festival in Venice, with the members of the film crew walking on the red carpet on the beats of “The Day We Die”, the song of the rock band Goodbye to Gravity, which was performing in the Colectiv nightclub when the tragedy occurred. A fire on October 30, 2015 has claimed 64 lives and left hundreds injured and mutilated.

An explosive observational documentary revealing the sickening lies and corruption following a fatal nightclub fire. Every now and then a documentary doesn’t just open your eyes but tears you apart by exposing a moral rift with resonance far beyond the film’s home country,” says a Variety review about the documentary.

Magnolia will also distribute Corneliu Porumboiu’s “La Gomera” in the U.S.  “La Gomera” was nominated as Romania’s proposal for the Oscars’ Best International Feature Film in 2020.

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