Romanian photographer’s works to go on display within international exhibitions in European capitals


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The Romanian photography artist from Iasi, Marius Florescu, whose works were on display at Louvre, France or New York Gallery in the U.S. is preparing to attend more exhibitions abroad.

„I will display my works within other exhibitions in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kiev and Amsterdam in the near future. There will be works that will be part of the photo exhibition tour: <Girls in the shadows>. I am also invited to the biggest international exhibition in Vienna, Austria. The series of these exhibitions will start on May 2021,” the photographer said.

Marius Florescu revealed he had online talks with the representatives of the exhibition in Austria to agree on the latest details of his photography display next year. „The Austrian partners told me that my project is on he right path. Moreover, I will pay a short visit in Austria in November this year to debate my photo project <Girls in the shadows>. The display in Vienna will be my third international exhibition, after the ones at Louvre, Paris and New York-Gallery Stage”, he added.

Passionate about photography, the 40-year-old artist from Iasi has a sad life story, as he was abandoned at birth and was raised in an orphanage, but managed to graduate two faculties and to have a master degree.

He is also suffering of Wilson disease, a rare inherited disorder that causes copper to accumulate in your liver, brain and other vital organs, which prevented him from having a job to provide a constant revenue.

He also faced some problems last year regarding his apartment in a student dorm, being on the verge of being evicted.

Marius has graduated the Philosophy Faculty of the „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University and has had a master degree in photography and video directing at the “George Enescu” Art University, both in Iasi, and in time he became very fond of the art of photography.

His passion for photography and art brought him international recognition, with his photo exhibitions going on display in Romania and worldwide (France, Germany or USA), and even made him famous, as a documentary was released about his life.

He also has some projects in Romania, teaching photography in free of charge classes for the disadvantaged children in foster homes in Focsani. The project aimed at bringing culture and education in the foreground across schools and foster homes, through free of charge classes in various fields such as: photography, film, painting, dance, art, etc.

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