Romanian project nominated for the awards of the European New Bauhaus Festival


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The European Commission is launching the second edition of the New Bauhaus European (NBE) Festival which will take place between 9 and 13 April in the Parc du Cinquatenaire and the Museum of Art & History in Brussels. Designed around the pillars of Forum, Fair and Festival, the Festival embarks the public on a 5-day journey of interactive sessions, workshops, demonstrations and artistic performances, hosting high-level international speakers and special guests. In addition, the Festival will include the awarding ceremony of the fourth edition of the New Bauhaus European Awards, where the Romanian project “Pădurea-parc Făget; The Green Lung of Cluj” is nominated for component A, and 20 winners will receive a total of 390,000 euros. In addition to the event in Brussels, the Festival will take place throughout Europe and not only through Satellite Events.

The New European Bauhaus Festival is an initiative that connects the European Green Deal to our everyday lives and living spaces. The official opening will take place on April 9 in the presence of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, EU Commissioners Iliana Ivanova and Elisa Ferreira, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Secretary of State Thomas Dermine, as well as the Director General of IIASA, Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber.

The festival includes three pillars: a forum, a fair and the festival itself.

• The forum will include keynote addresses, panel discussions and debates, exploring the various facets of NBE values. High-level personalities will hold discussions on topics ranging from science and technology to culture and education, as well as regional development and international perspectives. Architects, artists, scientists and climate activists will also contribute to the discourse, offering perspectives on science, technology, culture, education and global development. Each session will also be streamed and available online worldwide.

• The fair invites the public to explore more than 70 exhibits by innovators, showcasing NBE-style projects that address the urgent need for a more sustainable and equitable future with innovative solutions. Visitors can engage in immersive exhibits and interactive experiences to discover cutting-edge designs that address social and environmental needs.

• The festival will be where culture, art and distance meet to celebrate creativity, innovation and diversity. Audiences can anticipate dance, theater and music performances from artists from around the world, such as Sibil•la and Besac Arthur – as well as science experiments or recycling workshops.

NBE Awards ceremony: EUR 390,000 awarded, support for Ukraine, the Western Balkans and the EU regions

This year’s edition of the Festival hosts the awarding ceremony of the fourth edition of the prestigious NBE Awards. The NBE awards will be given in four categories: Reconnecting with nature; Regaining a sense of belonging; Prioritizing the places and people most in need; Modeling a circular industrial ecosystem and supporting life cycle thinking. 50 finalists compete in the final stage of the competition, both candidates with completed projects and young people with innovative ideas, all of whom are a testament to the creativity, talent and commitment of people across Europe and beyond to build a more sustainable, more inclusive world and more beautiful.

For the first time, the NBE awards accept projects from Ukraine, in addition to EU member states and the Western Balkans. A “Special Recognition of Ukraine’s Reconstruction and Recovery Effort” will also be awarded to projects and ideas that align with NBE values and actively contribute to Ukraine’s reconstruction, in the spirit of recognizing and supporting Ukraine’s effort and commitment to rebuild better. The NBE 2024 awards also focus on those regions that are most intensely faced with socio-economic problems, as well as those that are most challenged by adaptation to the process towards carbon neutrality, awarding a quarter of the awards to projects and ideas that bring a positive transformation for those places.

This year’s nominees include “Pădurea-Parc Făget; The green lung of Cluj” (Romania), which aims to co-design and pilot an integrated management and multiple operation plan for the Făget Forest-Park.

During the awards ceremony, 20 of the 50 finalists will be awarded a total of 390,000 euros. As part of the experience, the public is invited to participate in the voting process to determine a winner in each category.

Since 2021, the NBE Awards have already involved more than 5000 candidates, and the 2024 edition is once again a testament to this ever-growing community.

The full list of nominees for the 2024 Awards can be found on the Awards’ official website.

The New European Bauhaus Festival is free and open to all, offering a unique opportunity to take part in a transformative experience. Please note that although the Festival is open to the public, the Opening Ceremony and the NBE Awards ceremony require registration.

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