Romanian start-up aims at streaming live the biggest electronic music festivals

Gigs from 3 Neversea stages  live on Soundmix

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Soundmix Live, the video live platform dedicated to electronic music, is the first local project providing a social electronic music streaming experience, allowing music lovers to see and listen online the biggest festivals in the electronic music industry, as well as live concerts performed by their favorite DJs.

Sergiu Biris

Soundmix Live is a concept developed by Sergiu Biriș, Cristian Ducu and Andrei Barabaș, three entrepreneurs  on entertainment and online business.

The live streaming will kick off in BETA version at Neversea festival this week, the biggest festival on the Romanian seaside and one of the largest electronic music events in Romania. Performances from three stages (Mainstage, Temple and Daydreaming) at Neversea will be live on Soundmix, with the content being available for free at, as well as on iOS and Android devices. The app can be downloaded for foree from App Store and Google Play.

Soundmix Live aims at bringing the vibe of the big festivals online, to enable DJs to perform in front of all fans from all around the world, and moreover, to provide all those in love of electronic music with the most exclusive international festivals”, said Sergiu Biriș, and co-founder Soundmix Live.

Sergiu Biriș is a well known Romanian young entrepreneur in the online entertainment sector. Biris is also CEO of Zonga,, one of the most famous music streaming services in Romania and co-founder of Live Rail, a video hi-tech company bought by Facebook 5 years ago.

The other co-founders of Soundmix are Cristian Ducu – co-founder and former administrator of online fashion retailer Fashion Days, and  Andrei Barabaș, Product Manager of  Zonga for 3 years, boasting a large expertise on the e-commerce, software payments and outsourcing.

Over 67% of a festival’s live spectators, willing to buy tickets next year

Soundmix project has come following a real need on the market, namely to get together the community of electronic music fans, the organisers and DJs.

At present, Dance/Electronic/House is the third music genre in the preferences of the music lovers worldwide, with over 1.5 billion listeners.

Last year, electronic music festivals have registered the highest increase on number of participants among all festivals (23%), while DJ clubs have had an upward trend of 22%. At the same time, the latest surveys showed that over 67% of those who watch a festival live are willing to buy a ticket the coming year.

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