Romanian traditional coat, copied by designer Tory Burch

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Fashion designer Tory Burch used the Romanian coat (suman in Romanian) as inspiration for one of her latest outfits, which really upset some net surfers for she has forgotten to mention the inspiration source of her creation. Moreover, her cloth would be a replica of the Romanian coat displayed at la The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

The complaint has been released by La Blouse Roumaine community, which is promoting Romanian handicraftsmen and the authentic motifs. Subsequently, the designer’s Facebook page has been invaded by the Romanians’ comments, who asked her to admit the theft.

 Dear Tory Burch,

Your Resort 2018 collection is inspired by the Romanian traditional clothing. One of your coats is almost identical with a Romanian Coat from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

We kindly ask you to give the right credit for your inspiration.

Tory Burch Foundation, please come in Romania and support local artisans and women entrepreneurs.

Thank you,

La Blouse Roumaine Community

Several hours after the notification, the designer posted a comment, reminding that indeed her coat is inspired from one Romanian traditional cloth.

Resort 2008 is about the unique friendship between two inspiring women, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Princess Elizabeth de Toro. Both were style icons , global travelers and art lovers. In our effort to summarize the collection, we missed a reference to a beautiful Romanian coat which inspired one of the pieces. Whether it’s Romania, Uganda or France, we are a brand that strives to celebrate, honor and be inclusive of women from all countries and cultures, in the broadest way possible”.

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