Saint Virgin Mary’ Birth, what you mustn’t do on this very day

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Every year, on September 8, Christians celebrate the Virgin’ Birth or, as it is popularly known, St. Mary Minor. Tradition has it that on St. Mary’s day prayers addressed by those who want a child are always listened as they never been before.

On this day, women who cannot have children should pray for the belly’s absolution and they say that they will get the desired child. And because Mary is the patron of all mothers, pregnant women can pray for an easy birth and a healthy baby. They also say that one lit candle must exist in every house to scare evil spirits away and the praise for the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. At the same time, on September 8, men are not allowed to work nor do housework, and women are not allowed to sew and wash clothes thus avoiding attracting evil upon them and their families.

The day before and the day after the feast brings bad luck for those working, men will hurt themselves and women will be burning food. In some areas there are even superstitions that if you cook before or after the Holy Virgin Mary day, the pot would spill and burn one’s children.

Also, in popular culture it is said that those who have picked herbs should no longer do so because they lose their healing power if collected after St. Mary Minor. On Holy Virgin Mary’s Day grapes and plums are dispensed for the dead’ soul, so that they be forgiven and receive the fruits of autumn to the other world, according to RomaniaTV.

On this very day, Romanian women and men are also celebrating their name day.

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