Schedule for SoundArt Festival 2020. Green Carnation and Truckfighter, for the first time in Romania, in concert

The festival will take place starting this Friday evening and it is organized by Cavalleria Events!

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SoundArt Festival 2020 will open the gates this Friday evening, starting at 6.30 PM. Tickets can be purchased via!

The 4th edition of SoundArt Festival will take place between March 13-15, 2020, in Quantic Club, Bucharest. This annual well known event aims to transcend the sphere of progressive and stoner sounds and become a festival where people can discover the many artistic faces of music. From sludge and post-metal sounds, going through the real essence of the stoner genre and reaching the avant-garde of modern neofolk, this SoundArt Festival edition is luring you to embark in a spiritual and musical journey where you will expand your audio and visual boundaries. The artwork of SoundArt Festival is executed by the famous Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu.

The entire schedule can be followed right here:

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