Second concert on top of the House of Parliament ready to kick off. Who’s performing?

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Romanian artists are ready to perform again on the roof the House of Parliament in Bucharest this year.

Smiley, along with other Romanian singers like Feli, Sore, Jazzy Jo, Doc, Dorian, Jean, Rengle, Shot and Are You Anywhere are getting ready to tread the boards at the Profm On Top, the only concert performed on the roof of the House of Parliament on Thursday, June 16, starting 8 p.m.

The concert will be broadcast live on Pro FM radio’s Facebook page, and then re-trasmiteed on UTV.

So, the largest building in Europe becomes again a concert hall. The first edition of Profm On Top took place last year on June 25, being the first live concert on top of the House of Parliament. The original show was attended back then by Inna, Antonia, Lariss, Nicoleta Nucă and Mira (Inna feat. Carla’s Dreams – P.O.H.U.I | Live @ ProFM On Top pe Casa Poporului).

The Profm On Top event is organized with the support of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies.

During time, Pro FM organized all kind of original events, with a first one being hosted by the subway on the move. There was also a “Live Session” in a tram on the move and an anniversary show at 4,000 metres high.

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