Simona Halep, the new Avon ambassador in Romania

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Starting this year,  famous Romanian tennis player Simona Halep  is the new AVON ambassador in Romania. She also becomes the image of the new perfume Her Story” to be launched by Avon on March 8 when the Women’s Day is celebrated.

The new scent is encompassing the inspirational stories of several women who are proudly writing impressive chapters in their life every day and who are providing true lessons of performance, courage and confidence.

Simona’s story will be at their center, as she is a true example of inspiration both for Romania and also for the entire world. Besides her talent, tenacity and force that helped her perform in tennis, Simona is also a symbol of the authentic beauty, of courage and confidence.

Simona’s first appearance as Avon ambassador will be available on the cover of the Avon brochure in February.

Made of pink pepper, iris and patchouli, “Her Story” perfume is an open invitation to all women to create and share their own life stories.

Asked what tennis and beauty have in common, Simona mostly talked about confidence.

“Since I was 4, tennis has become my universe. Every day I’ve learnt to be better, to obtain the best results, I’ve worked hard to accomplish my goals and to turn the craziest dreams into reality. I managed and realized that my life is also about how beautiful is to live every chapter of my story. What tennis and beauty have in common? Confidence. The confidence that, when I’m wearing the scent that mostly defines me, I can fulfill the craziest dreams. Her Story has conquered me from the first moment. It is my personal signature that reminds me every day that the impossible can become possible“, Simona Halep recounted.

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