Simona Halep’s secrets revealed in her natal chart

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At the moment of birth, the majority of elements were placed in the cardinal signs of Libra and Capricorn – so that it is quite clear Simona Halep rests her sporting activity, as well as any other area of life on precise goals. Or at least this should be the best for her. The clearly set goals provide her with self-confidence, safety feeling, and mental balance/stability. At the same time, the natal astral aspects indicate powerful energies on the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, meaning that Simona’s ambition is huge once she initiates a path freely chosen by herself, so not an imposed one. But, as usually when the planetary aspects are tense (I refer here to squares and oppositions), there is also a high risk for side-slips and exaggerations in the behaviors that are suggested by the above-mentioned aspects. But sport is an excellent example and, at the same time, a perfect choice for the personalities avid of deep experiences. Certainly, any other passion-consuming activity would be an equally inspired choice.

In addition, what is helping Simona both in dealing with her impulses and in channeling her ambition to attend the set goals are the balance and the mental strength. The Sun-Mercury conjunction (the Sun in Libra and the Mercury in Virgo) brings a great infusion in this regard, also providing her with complex resources. More precisely, the perception induced by the planetary energy is a pragmatic one and is followed by many-sided reasoning on certain circumstances or individuals and, afterwards, by clear categorizations and classifications. Or, putting it in other words, the evaluation she is capable of is analytical, strict and discriminating in her deductions. The fair-play, the diplomacy and the inclination towards harmonious relationships are particularities of her personality preventing an eventual trenchant expression of those deductions – either the expression is through words or through attitude. But the pragmatic, complex perception and evaluation remain precious gains that Simona will always have ready at hand. I would even say they represent one of her secrets, especially since Mercury in Virgo is placed in the twelfth house in the general chart for the Libra natives, that is the astrological house for the hidden aspects of a native’s personality and life.

And there is a one more “secret”, this time being suggested by Jupiter in Virgo. The greatest opportunities for the Romanian tennis player are linked to perseverance, sacrifices, discipline, rigorous life schedule, but also to collaborations. Indeed, although she is performing in an individual sport, Simona is a team player.

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