Six internationally renowned musicians, 30 students to attend 3rd edition of KSB Academica

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Interview with Ludovic Armin Cora, founder, executive director Kronstadt, Sinaia and Busteni Academica Cultural Association.


What does the 3rd edition of KSB Academica – International Woodwind Orchestra Ensemble Preview, Summer Music Academy Kronstadt, Sinaia and Busteni, Masterclasses for Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Chamber Music bring new on the musical stage in Romania?

Allow me to begin the interview by homage to professor doctor Cristina Popescu Stanesti, dean of the National Music University in Bucharest, pianist accompanist within the university, for her exceptional, outstanding professionalism, supporting the first editions of this Academy.

Mrs. Cristina Popescu Stanesti is a musician with a rich international and national activity, a promoter of the Romanian culture and education.

Imagine how is like to accompany 24 students for a week, to accompany the professors’ concerts, to grant interviews, etc and to keep one’s tail up and to encourage the entire team.

I convey the same gratitude to professor doctor Florenel Ionoaia, oboe professor at the National Music University in Bucharest, the professor who guided me at academic level during 1997-2001.

I shall return to the interview.

The 3rd edition of the Kronstadt summer academy,, brings several educational and cultural novelties.

The academy is to be attended by the bassoonist of the Comic Opera in Berlin, professor at the famous UDK Berlin and Rostock Conservatory. She is one of the top bassoon musicians, boasting international prized, such as the International Contest in Prague.

For the first time within a Summer Academy specialized on wind instruments there will be an orchestra consisting of oboe, clarinet and bassoon.

Brasov city will also host for the first time a surprise concert on August 4 in Nicolae Titulescu park, at 14:00 hrs. Music lovers are mostly welcome.

How many artists are invited and what countries do they represent?

Six internationally renowned musicians representing the UK, Germany, Romania and Luxembourg will attend the academy’s 2016 edition.

Gordon Hunt, the 5th world oboist, is first oboist at the London Philharmonia, professor of famous Guilghall Music&Drama London, world-beater conductor.

Catherine Larssen Maguire is first bassoonist of Berlin Comic Opera, professor at UDK Berlin and Rostock academies.

Ludovic Armin Cora is artist Howarth of London, associated oboist at National Orchestra Lorraine, Metz, France.

Emil Visenescu is first clarinetist of the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra in Bucharest and clarinet professor at the Music University in Bucharest.

Iulian Rusu is first clarinetist of the Philharmonic in Brasov, clarinet professor at the Music Faculty in Brasov and Conservatory in Iasi.

Godri Orban, first bassoonist at the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra in Bucharest andn bassoon professor at the Music University in Bucharest.

30 students from Japan, UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Romania and Hungary will take part in the oboe, clarinet and bassoon masterclasses.

To whom the festival mainly addresses?

This year the festival addresses to the music lovers in Brasov and Busteni, to young musicians from various countries around the world who come to improve their performances with internationally renowned personalities of the classic music.

The festival aims at stirring up the classic music and at drawing it closer to the large audience.

As founder of the Kronstadt, Sinaia and Busteni Academica Cultural Association, I would like the topic of these projects in the guise of academies, festivals or multimedia cultural actions should also involve young local musicians who are teachers at the Music High School in Brasov, at the Brasov Philharmonic or at the Music Faculty in Brasov.

This year, the opening concert hosted by the Reduta Cultural Centre in Brasov on August 2 will promote young violinist Octavian Parlea, an exceptional talent of the Romanian violin school. He is only 15-year-old and is attending the „Dinu Lipatti“ National Art School in Bucharest, at professor Magdalen Ursu’s class.

Starting September 2017, Octavian was invited to study at Purcell School in London with the famous Romanian violinist Remus Azoitei.

Allow me to add that 17-year-old young oboist Petho Kriszta from Romania was invited to perform as first oboist at the National Youth Orchestra in Cyprus. Kriszta’s results were in the superlative.

We are honored of this international collaboration and especially of the opportunity to promote the national and multicultural values worldwide.

KSB Academica aims at promoting the Romanian values nationwide and worldwide at top level.

What was the feedback of the previous two editions in terms of audience, reviews, etc?

The echoes of the previous editions in the country and abroad were extremely favorable.

I would like to thank Deutsche Welle, Radio Romania Cultural, Radio Romania Muzical, TVR, to The Romania Journal, Observator Cultural and Supliment de Cultura for reporting about this innovative project in Romania.

I would also like to particularly thank the music lovers in Sinaia, Busteni and Brasov for the honor of attending our concerts.

The partnerships with the famous Howarth of London and Püchner continue this year, too, which proves the project’s reliability and professionalism.

One week (August 2-9) full with high quality music. Would you please make a brief review of the six concerts?

During 2-9 August, the music academies from Berlin, Rostock, Bucharest, Cluj and the famous Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London are moving to Brasov and Busteni for the third edition of the Kronstadt Summer Music Academy.

The opening ceremony of this festival will take place on Tuesday, 2 August, at 10:00, at the Reduta Cultural Center, and will include a concert given by young Romanian talented musicians, a brief presentation about the “KSB Academica” educational and cultural concept, an introduction of the professors to the audience and an opening concert with the young Romanian musician Octavian Parlea.

The event is organized by “KSB Academica Cultural Asociation” in partnership with the Cultural Center Reduta, Brasov. Founder and Executive manager Ludovic Armin Cora. Free Entrance.

On the third day of the festival, Thursday , 4 August, at 12.00, the central park “Nicolae Titulescu” in Brasov will host a FLASHMOB given by the participants of these masterclasses.

About 30 participants of the Academy will perform in various woodwind orchestral ensembles. The event organized by “KSB Academica Cultural Asociation” in partnership with Brasov City Hall. Free entrance.

On the fourth day of the festival, Thursday , 5 August, at 17.00, the Black Church in Brasov will host the professors concert. During this concert, the guest professors of the Kronstadt summer music academy, Ludovic Armin Cora – oboe, Chaterine Larsen Maguire – bassoon and Sena Ducariu – piano, will perform, for the first time in Romania, ”Trio Sonata Nr. 1 in F Major for 2 oboes, bassoon and cembalo” composed by J.D. Zelenka.

Professors like Gàdri Orban-bassoon, Emil Visenescu – clarinet and Iulian Rusu – clarinet will play in this concert works by composers such as:

W.A. Mozart (1756-1791)

Duets for two clarinet, KV 487

Emil Vișenescu – clarinet

Iulian Rusu – clarinet

W.A. Mozart 

Divertisments for two clarinets and bassoon KV 229

Emil Vișenescu – clarinet

Iulian Rusu – clarinet

Gödri Orban – bassoon

The event is organized by “KSB Academica Cultural Asociation” in partneship with the Black Church Kronstadt. Free Entrance

On Saturday, 6 August, at 19:30, the students of Academy and other musicians from Brasov will perform within chamber music orchestras and wind orchestras ensebles at Bastionul Țesătorilor in Brașov. The programme includes works from the preclassical, classical and romantic periods. In case of bad weather, the concert will take place at the Reduta Cultural Center in Brasov at 20:00.

Event organized by “KSB Academica Cultural Asociation” in partnership with the Cultural Center Reduta, Brasov. Free Entrance.

On Monday, 8 August 2016, 8:00 pm, the Cultural Center “Aurel Stroe” in Busteni in partnership with the “KSB Academica Cultural Association” presents the Anniversary Concert, Prof. dr. Florenel Ionoaia, 40 years of activity as soloist, teacher and orchestra musician.

Prof. Dr. Florenel Ionoaia     oboe

Gordon Hunt                                     oboe

Lector Univ. Dr. Adrian Cioban      oboe

Ludovic Armin Cora              oboe

Catherine Larsen Maguire            bassoon

Godri Orban                                     bassoon

Emil Vișinescu                                clarinet

Iulian Rusu                                      clarinet

The programme includes:   J.V Kalivoda, B. Britten, E. Bozza, F. Poulenc, W.A. Mozart, J.Haydn, J.S. Bach. The event is organized by “KSB Academica Cultural Asociation” in partnership with the Cultural Aurel Stroe, Busteni. Free Entrance

On Tuesday, 9 August , 7:00 pm, “Patria Concert Hall”, Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra will host the closing concert for oboe, clarinet and bassoon, chamber music and wood wind orchestra ensembles preview given by the participants of these masterclasses. The concert program will be set during the masterclass week. The woodwind orchestra ensembles conductors are: Gordon Hunt, Iulian Rusu and Catherine Larsen Maguire.

The Farewell Party at “Tipogafia” Pub, 1 Postavarului st, Brasov, at 22:00.

The event is  organized by “KSB Academica Cultural Asociation” in partnership with Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra, Brasov City Hall, and Tiipografia PUB. Free Entrance.

What are the upcoming projects of the KSB Academy?

We have many projects for the future. One of them is to introduce new wind instruments within the Academy.

I’ll be able to provide further details at the right time, considering that organizing such events involves a quite complex logistics and a lot of diplomacy.

Stay tuned at and the KSB Academica facebook friends page to find all news.

I render thanks to all those who supported, support and will support this project exclusively dedicated to Romanian young musicians and not only them. The projects is trying to keep promoting the Romanian and universal values through musical education.

Thank you for standing by us.

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