SkyLove Day marked by 1,000 balloons launched in the air from the tallest building in Romania

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SkyTower, the tallest office building in Romania, was held today, at 13:00 hours, SkyLove Day – a day dedicated to love and unity, addressing the entire local community. SkyLove Day was marked by launching of around 1,000 biodegradable balloons from the 37th floor of the iconic building.

SkyLove Day will be celebrated on February 22nd every year from now on, and on this occasion the tower facade will be lit in red during the night.

The SkyLove Day project promotes the manifestation of love and unity, being part of SkyTower’s strategy and commitment to become a source of inspiration for communities, as well as a support platform for artists and NGOs.

“February is recognised as the month of love and we believe time has come to create our own celebration. SkyTower celebrates love in its own way and we hope that this symbolic gesture will not only bring smiles to people’s faces but will also become a source of inspiration in promoting universal love; after all, we all live for love, in all of its shapes,” said Ramona Boca, SkyTower PR & Marketing Coordinator.

SkyTower, a landmark in the local office and business sector in Bucharest, aims to expand during the coming years its collaboration with the local communities around the building. In this respect, several projects have been launched to establish a connection between the life of the tower community and external communities and to support social responsibility causes and cultural and entrepreneurial communities in Romania.

Among SkyTower’s first initiatives in this area, is the founding of a permanent collaboration with local NGOs by lighting up the tower in specific colours in order to mark certain key days and to create awareness around the respective NGOs and their social causes.

SkyTower has also launched, last year, the SkyCreatives program, an open source platform through which it offers young artists and entrepreneurs an iconic location for their projects. Spaceflow, is the community management mobile application that facilitates both direct digital interaction between tenants in the building and provides access to a range of services and facilities available exclusively to the SkyTower community.

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