Snoop Dogg ‘checks in’ Transylvania’s village

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Snoop Dogg American rapper made an amusing blunder on the occasion of his concerts scheduled in Bogota, Columbia. The artist posted a photo on Instagram and when he informed his fans that he had arrived in Columbia and wanted to give check-in in Bogota, he accidentally clicked on Bogata, a commune in Mureș county, Romania.

As expected, his fans ironically warned him for mistaking Bogota, Columbia for Bogata, Târgu Mureș. “Check on the location:)))”, Romanians commented on Instagram. “It’s grand in Mureș, isn’t it?”, “Must be Bogota 🙂)”, “We love you Snoop”, “Hello from Borșa!”.

The mayor of Bogata, a commune with 2,019 inhabitants carried on the joke, inviting the notorious rapper to come to Bogata to enjoy traditional food and nice accommodation.bogata mures

If he comes, we’ll welcome him with sauerkraut liquid with fresh pork, spitted pork, but mostly with an open, clean heart. We also have a small pension, with 9 rooms. It’s plenty of accommodation on people’s households, too we have good, healthy food (…) So, Snoop Dogg can come with his suite (….) “ Bogata mayor, Laszlo Barta told Agerpres.

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