Spain’s Embassy in Bucharest launches campaign to promote reading on the subway

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Spain’s Embassy in Bucharest is launching the first campaign to promote literature on the subway, with the support of Metrorex metro company and of Polirom Publishing House, following the pattern of the famous cultural project annually held in Madrid.

Starting today in Bucharest, the Bucharest tube will host on the train lines M1 and M3 a display of pictured literary texts, selected from the books of some Spanish contemporary renowned writers.

The campaign, entitled “Watch out, books are opening!“, is the first such initiative in Romania, aiming to promote the Spanish literature among the wide audience, by providing passengers with the opportunity of experiencing short moments of reading and stirring their curiosity to read the entire literary works.

Thus, the subway will become a meeting place with literature, with passengers being able to discover or rediscover authors, characters and works with the help of illustrated texts.

The campaign presents excerpts from several Spanish internationally acclaimed writers such as Carlos Ruiz Zafón, considered one of the most important contemporary authors and the most read Spanish writer, after Miguel de Cervantes, Dolores Redondo, Javier Marías or Milena Busquets.

The illustrations are signed by Romanian artist Evelin Bundur,  co-founder of the Visual Playground festival and Spanish artist Fernando Vicente, involved in the similar campaign in Madrid.

 The campaign for literature on the subway was initiated in Madrid in 1997, and it became on the of the most known and beloved cultural campaign in the Spanish Capital.

The design and production of this project are signed by the Spanish Embassy in Bucharest.

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