St. Dmitry weekend Fair at Village Museum

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“Dimitrie Gusti” Village Museum is hosting “St. Dmitry” Fair this weekend, October 24-26. The saint celebrated on Sunday is the patron of the Village Museum, while St. Dimitrie is Bucharest’ s patron to be celebrated on Monday, October 27.

Romanian folk ensembles, but also belonging to Armenian, Albanian, Polish, Jewish, Greek and Roma ethnic groups, along with fiddlers’ music bands and Romanian and Macedo-Rumanian folk singers will liven the space.

Romanian Patriarchy’s “Anton Pann” byzantine music choir will perform under dr. Constantin R?ileanu’s coordination and Civic Art Company will perform a theatre show directed by Marian Ciripan. Visitors could also take part in glass painted icons workshops and will be able to admire icons and worship objects displays. Traditional handicrafts, cakes, pies, meat and cheese products, ginger bread and eco products such as honey, fruits, home made jams and stew will definitely cheer up visitors’ strolls on the museum’s alleys.

“St. Dmitry” feast is celebrating in the Romanian tradition the second pastoral season of the year- the so -called wintering, iernat in Romanian. It is time for the nature and fauna to go overwintering to revive later on, when the spring comes. St. Dmitry is said to lock up the summer and denude the forest. The tradition also says that if on St. Dmitry’s day the weather is cold, it’s going to be a good winter. If the weather is fine, the autumn will be long and warm.





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