Stanley Kubrick&Dario Argento-like stylized horror film to shake the German Film Days

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The 11th edition of the German Film Days, running November 4-10 at Eforie Cinema, with 23 movies to be screened, includes two thriller movies: „We, monsters“ by Sebastian Ko and „Sibylle“ directed by Michael Krummenacher. Both films will be screened on November 5, at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., at Eforie Cinema.

German young filmmakers are more and more attracted by horror&thriller movies in the past years, despite financial hardships that such productions are facing. Although they have modest budgets, these directors have the advantage of being out of routine and especially of being eager to embark on inovation and experiments,“ say the Süddeutscher Rundfunk critics.zfgxi_filme_gen-2

Sebastian Ko’s movie is a mainly realist thriller focused on the drama of a family on the verge of breaking, also boasting black comedy accents. The film makes us wonder how far we can go to protect our family, our children, while offering an absolutely striking answer at the same time.

Released in 2015, the film won seven prizes, including at the „International Film Festival Reykjavik“ (2015) and the „International Film Festival Shanghai“ (2015), thus becoming the latest German movies with the most prized for direction.


A real surprise as the German film critics dubbed it, „Sibylle”, Michael Krummenacher’s debut movie is a psychological thriller, which oscillates between symbolic and supernatural, whose stylzed horror accents remind us of Dario Argento and Stanley Kubrick. The protagonist, female architect Sibylle, witnesses a suicide during her vacation in Italy. The incident deeply affects the heroine, until she ends identifying herself more and more with the young woman who had killed herself and slips into an escapeless crack-up. Anne Ratte Polle’s starring Sibylle is crucially contributing to the success of the movie.


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Goethe-Institute in Bucharest is the organizer, while the Romania Journal is among media partners.

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