Street Delivery during pandemic: Call for projects to bring neighbourhoods back to life

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After a continuous 14-year presence in the local public space, the Street Delivery manifesto event will change perspective this year, as it cannot gather thousands in the streets, but it will generate island projects spread across the city, under a common theme: ReSolutions (ReSolutii), due on July 3-5.

Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, Street Delivery will challenge the audience to find new methods to recover the public space. The event will thus be an invitation to lockdown stories, to post-pandemic resolutions, in the form of diaries, city interventions, artistic statements, social campaigns and community projects that should re-define the common spaces and to bring neighbourhoods back to life.

“Three months ago, we used to announce the theme of Street Delivery 2020: Cities for Climate. Back then, the impact of cities on the environment was the most urgent topic, while a macro vision was a must. Meanwhile, even if climate changes are as acute as before, the pandemic has pushed us to look at vicinity differently and to rediscover a micro landscape that we are forces to rethink and redesign in order to face the new reality”, said Dorothee Hasnas, OAR, the Architects Order in Romania.

In her turn, Timea Honț, Street Delivery coordinator, said that the 2020 edition will comply with the social distancing rules. “We’ll re-open neighbourhoods observing the social distancing, bring communities closer. We challenge them to work together in order to re-define their vicinity, we are thinking to solutions to live together while making our life in the neighbourhood better, more sustainable, and more ready to face a potential future crisis”, she argued.

Call for projects

Either it’s a film screening in a parking, a wood shop in front of the house, a revamped public garden, an exhibition with pictures from the lockdown or a wall painting, the projects can be submitted for the following categories:

1. Urban projects to improve the city life of a community.

2. Participatory culture, cultural projects, personal feelings, memories and lessons from the lockdown.

3. Artistic intervention, artistic projects to bring the public space back to life.

4. Community Proximity, social projects to support communities.

5. Collective memory, documentary projects to catch a glimpse on the impact of the crisis and the transition.


Street Delivery, endorsed by sponsors, will fund 10 projects with EUR 500 each. Most projects will be watched online, within a live transmission programme, during the July 3-5 weekend.

Registrations available here, until June 15. The selected projects will be announced by June 22 here.

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