Study finds Netflix users in Romania have binged for an average of 50 days

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The average user in Romania has watched 50 days of Netflix whilst the average user worldwide has watched 47 days of Netflix; 8 days of movies and 39 days of series, reads a recent study by Comparitech.

At the end of 2020, Netflix passed the 200 million paid memberships mark, meaning 2.7 percent of the world’s population pay for a Netflix account.

But which country is binging the most Netflix and how much content has the average person in each country consumed since their Netflix subscription began?

Results are based on the 24,796 Netflix viewing histories uploaded through the Time Spent Streaming tool.

Since opening their Netflix account, the average user has spent:

  • 67,796 minutes watching Netflix (equivalent to 1,130 hours or 47 days)
  • 11,824 minutes watching Netflix movies (equivalent to 197 hours or 8 days).  This accounts for just over 17% of their overall viewing
  • 55,972 minutes watching Netflix TV series (932 hours or 39 days). This accounts for almost 83% of their overall viewing

Europeans watch the least Netflix

At the other end of the scale are Slovakians who have consumed 65 percent less than the average Netflix viewer. Having watched an average of 34,716 minutes of Netflix, Slovakians have consumed over 1,300 hours (nearly 56 days) less than Peruvians.

The second-most-casual viewers were Croatians with an average of 37,118 minutes of Netflix viewing, followed by Czechs with 37,627, Lithuanians with 40,387, and Hungarians with 40,588.

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