Study reveals which naughty TV scenes have set our pulses racing the most!

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  • The most heart racing TV show is Orange Is the New Black, raising audience BPMs to 101!
  • In second place is Shameless (96 BPM), followed by Game of Thrones (95 BPM).
  • Game of Thrones is the most popular TV show on Pornhub (over 11 million views for the most popular compilation video).
  • Normal People and Suits are both in 4th place with 93 BPMs. In fact, Meghan Markle’s sex scenes are the most popular of the show on Pornhub (over 344,000 views).

Social distancing can be dull and uneventful, so many people choose to get their excitement from the fictional world. In fact, series like Normal People provide exactly that; a good storyline, interesting characters, and loads of raunchy SEX! Which plenty of us are missing at the moment, let’s be honest!

OnBuy experts reviewed which TV series are the most heart racing. To find out, they gathered 1,807 eager respondents and ask them to watch multiple sex scenes from different TV shows while wearing a Fitbit. The average heart rate of people watching those scenes was then used to measure which series is the hottest.


The winner of the hottest TV series contest is none other than Orange Is the New Black. In fact, the average heart rate of those watching the sex scenes was 101 BPM. Porn site viewers also agree, as the sex scenes from OITNB uploaded on Pornhub gather millions of views. One compilation video in particular, showing all the nude scenes from the show, has over 5.4 million views!

In second place is… Shameless! In fact, those watching the series experienced a BPM of 96. The show is also very popular on Pornhub; the most popular video showing a compilation of the actors doing the dirty has gathered over 2.4 million views.

Swords, dragons, and… SEX!

Third on the list is none other than the fantasy drama that got us all talking… Game of Thrones! The show which broke our hearts while boosting our libido! Respondents found their BPM rose to 95 while watching raunchy GOT scenes. Plus, while only third in our chart, the show wins the title as the most popular TV series on Pornhub, where over 11 million people gathered (separately, from the comfort of their own rooms) to re-watch a compilation of the hottest scenes.

Law of Attraction

In 4th place we find our favourite bunch of lawyers, the actors from Suits, who managed to raise the BPMs of our respondents to 93. Actress, Duchess, and Royal Totty, scenes featuring Meghan Markle in Suits have gathered over 344,000 views on Pornhub!

Normal People… Outstanding sex!

Tied in 4th place is the most spoken about sultry show of the year, Normal People. There are many reasons why this show is great: it’s educational, open-minded, and it raises the heart rates of people watching it to an average of 93 BPM!

Another, very educational show, that gets both our brains and “bits” buzzing, is Sex Education. So, if you are looking to spend your evening learning something new while enjoying a BPM of 91, this is the show for you!


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