Summer Well 2nd stage, the meeting spot of the hip-hop’s effervescence with the authenticity of folk traditions

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During the past weekend, thousands of fans attended a perfect musical symbiosis at the second stage of Summer Well festival, where the avant-garde and the tradition joined forces with energy and brought joy to the hearts of the fans.

The Romanian phenomenon, Subcarpați, has once again reassured us that the folklore tradition is rewritten with all senses by bringing the IARMAROC concept – a subset of digital and sensory experiences that colored the atmosphere of the second stage of the festival with traditional textures and aromas. For the first time in Romania, IAMDDB, AJ TRACEY and BOBBY BASIL got the crowd wild on hip-hop, trap and grime. At the ninth edition, Summer Well was an exceptional meeting between formidable artists and a vibrant audience.

With 3Dmapping experiences, beatmakers battle starting from folk samples, folk masks, traditional instruments crafting and singing workshops, pottery demonstrations and tasting of Romanian dishes, the HAMMER brought by Subcarpați embroidered the new and the old under the same strip.

BEAT MAKERS BATTLE, a new format on Romanian lands, has got 8 producers dueling in samples with folk sounds – Musai Soundwork aka Mișu (Cluj), Mircea (Năvodari), Victor Marinescu (Bucharest) , Necktrow (Brașov), Gazah (Constanta), Nerub (București), Mister Tweaks (Constanța) and Siberia (București). In the cheers of the crowd, who shouted out at its favorites throughout the battle, Mircea spectacularly stole the show and the trophy of BEAT MAKERS BATTLE, a wooden MPC carved by the artist Iulian Grozăvescu.

With ancient Romanian-traditional sounds, the underground folklore of the Subcarpați subsequently captured the meadow, full to the brim, in front of the stage. Verse by verse, the audience was connected with the musical styles on the stage. Mara and Ioana Milculescu joined the big family of Subcarpați, and the show exploded with the freestyle coordinated by Afo in team with Moș Martin vs. Motanu ‘, along with one of the youngest freestylers, Misha, the son of MC Bean. The tours ended with a great reverence from the artists, in front of a wave of hands that greeted with respect the symbiosis between tradition, folklore and hip-hop.

At IARMAROC, the culinary history enthusiasts from Romania were able to taste, at Bocceluța cu Bucate, traditional recipes from Bihor – a variety of tastes, natural products gathered from authentic coutrymen and received by the locals at Summer Well. Vasile Șușca, a popular artist who paints icons and creates masks dedicated to winter holidays, brought to IARMAROC the creations that captivated the West. The craftsman Alexandru Ilinca gave up for a weekend the exhibitions dedicated to museums and brought his creations to IARMAROC, where history and culture met a new category of visitors. The festivalgoers were able to admire, in addition to the traditional pig leather works, artifacts made from both the tires of the legendary Dacia 1100 and those of a German motorcycles from World War II. At Custom Shoes with BooShoe, Andrei and Gina, graphic artists, painters and tattoo artists, customized today’s footwear with the theme of Subcarpați & Culese din Cartier.

by Mihnea Ratte

Coming from Bihor, potter Raul Bucșe brought clay art to IARMAROC, demonstrating how ceramics mean relaxation and disconnection in a wild urban area. Călin Han, passionate about traditional instruments in the Romanian area, illustrated the charm of Romania in the traditional instruments sound, and Iulian Grozăvescu actually put in the work and created them from A to Z  so that “everyone comes, ask all the questions, and to take up singing.

IAMDDB, a 23-year-old artist, knows what to offer and ask the public for her show to be a complete one. Insolent, without a curtain, IAMDDB has captured the entire scene with her huge presence. With a deeply Jamaican vibe and sensual movements, IAMDDB demanded “law and order” from the fluid movements of the crowd, giving them in exchange megahits like “More” or “Vibe”, and at the time of the mosh pit she went down in the middle of the madness, with “Shade” in the background. She ended her show by saying  to her fans: “I am so grateful, when I came here, I told myself that nobody would know me, and now I watch you singing the lyrics …!”

Bobby Basil opened the second night with a vibrant performance, in which he played the songs from his latest album, “Isaac Nelson”. Honest narratives about difficulties and indecision in a distance relationship, on the rhythms of grime and trap, boom-bap and R&B, sometimes dance hall. The joy of discovering a new and responsive audience for his tracks made the Irishman nominate Summer Well as the “best festival” he has ever attended. He finished his set with I don T get Enough” piece.

Sunday’s headliner, AJ Tracey, broke the crowd in two, literally. With a calm but sharp flow, AJ Tracey played with the crowd, mixing bubbly samples from “Praise The Lord” from A$AP Rocky with classic chords like “La Donna e Mobile”. The evening culminated with the epic tracks in his portfolio: “Ladbroke Grove”- “the hottest song I ever shot” and “Butterflies” and its afro beats.

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