Swedish band EVERGREY, this Saturday, at Hard Rock Cafe in Bucharest

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See bellow the access rules for the progressive-power metal concert!

EVERGREY returns to Romania on April 13  in a show to be held at Hard Rock Cafe in Bucharest. Please, note that access for audience can be made only after 10 PM. Tickets via iabilet.ro! 

Evergrey is a melodic metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was founded in 1996 and released its debut album The Dark Discovery in 1998.

Time schedule:

  • Open Doors – 22:00
  • Bloodred Hourglass – 22: 30-23: 10
  • Evergrey – 23:30 – 01:30

It is forbidden the access to:

  • dangerous weapons or objects;
  • alcohol or other beverages and food outside the concert hall;
  • flammable materials, gas cans or cooking machines of any kind;
  • professional or semi-professional cameras (detachable lens);
  •  professional or semi-professional audio-video recorders.

“The Atlantic” is the latest album of the band and consist of 10 songs. Spread thick with melody and following on thematically from its predecessors, ‘The Storm Within’ and “Hymns For The Broken”, closing out an oceanic concept trilogy, vocalist Tom S Englund and the band have indeed weathered some heavy storms to see this record come to light. And their efforts were not for nothing. Tom S. Englund on vocals and guitars, Henrik Danhage on guitars, Rikard Zander on keys, Jonas Ekdahl on drums, and Johan Niemann on bass.  These guys have played together for so long that they pull things off seamlessly.  Tom’s vocals are larger-than-life and as emotive as ever; and the instrumentation is lush, atmospheric, and heavy-hitting.“The Atlantic” is heavier, more progressive, and unrelentingly emotional.  It is heavy, both musically and also in how it weighs on your heart, mentions theprogmind.com. The lyrics to “The Storm Within”, in fact, are clarified somewhat on this album, though I won’t get into the band’s personal lives.  The results are songs of sadness, nostalgia, stormy seas, changing hearts, fragile hope, aching loss, and so many more feelings that we have all experienced in various forms in our own lives.  In that way, “The Atlantic” may be the most relatable and heartfelt album the band has ever recorded.


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