Swedish film „Up in the Sky” opens KINOdiseea Altfel Festival


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Swedish film “Up in the Sky”, awarded the best film for children at the film festival in Zurich, will open the edition of the 2018 retrospective of the International Film Festival for the youth audience KINOdiseea Altfel, running this weekend in Bucharest, May 18-20.

The film, a sci-fi comedy directed by Petter Lennstrand in 2016, tells the story of a 8yo little girl, Pottan (Mira Forsell), who should spend her holiday at a pony farm, but her parents, who are always busy, are accidentally leaving her at a recycling plant, the Rydberg Recycling Center, mistaking it for the Pony Camp they had signed her up for.

After a short discussion, the bizarre inhabitants of the plant decide to let the girl stay and thus, she becomes part of a secret space mission.

Pottan discovers a community of humans (escaped convict Dennis) and Jim Henson-esque creatures (Rydberg, the bombastic boss; Ture, a gentle genius with a knack for robotics), with all being sure that they will find unseen treasures up there in the sky and that all their dreams will come true.

Swedish director Petter Lennstrand’s human size puppets, reminding of the famous Muppets, are known as real VIPs among Swedes. The director’s debut film, with unconventional, bold characters starring, tells a story about friendship and about the significance of the apparently small things.

“Up In the Sky” will be screened at the Romanian Peasant Museum on May 18, at 10 a.m. The access is free, with reservations available at www.kinodiseea.ro.

KINOdiseea Altfel Festival will run this year in Bucharest (May 18-20) and Arad (May 29-June 3), bringing along a selection of the best films of the KINOdiseea International Film Festival.

Video available here.

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