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by Monica Apostol

Tarja, Beyond The Black and Walkways are the latest names confirmed on the poster of the 12th edition of the ARTmania Festival, which has so far announced four other major bands: Lacuna Coil, Riverside, You and Me At Six and Devin Townsend Project.

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TARJA started with piano lessons in age of 6 and later, with 15 years old, Tarja had the very first singing lesson. Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin weren’t influences to Tarja but they were very important in her life when she started to sing more. The classical singing lessons only started when she was 17. With 18 years old, Tarja got in the Music Academy in Finland, and at the same time, Nightwish was born. With Tarja, Nightwish release the following albums: “Angel Fall First” – April 1997, “Oceanborn” – November 1998, “Wishmaster” – May 2000, DVD and VHS “From Wishes To Eternity” – April 2001, “Over The Hills And Far Away” – 2001, “Century Child” – May 2002, DVD “End Of Innocence” – October 2003, “Once” – 2004 and “Highest Hopes” – 2005. In 2002 she finished her educations in Germany. In may 2003 Tarja announced that she had secretly gotten married a few months earlier.

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Her album My Winter Storm, has also achieved gold in Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic and went platinum in Finland. She is fluent in English, Finnish, German and Spanish. Has two siblings, Timo and Toni.
Turunen sang solo in Waltari’s rock-themed 1999 ballet Evankeliumi (also known as Evangelicum (2000)) in several sold-out performances at the Finnish National Opera.
In late 2007 Tarja was nominated for two awards, an “ECHO” as best newcomer and an “Emma” for best Finnish artist. Her first independent album, My Winter Storm, was released on November 2007, and achieved gold status in Finland on the day of release. Tarja has a daughter, Naomi Eerika Alexia Cabuli Turunen (b.2012), with her husband Marcelo Cabuli.

Beyond The Black are the heroes of the European symphonic rock. Being the top of German and Austrian charts, Beyond the Black are spearheads in mainstream metal, critics say, suggesting that their latest album, Lost in Forever, is an incredible demonstration of virtuosity, a blast of creative sensibility.

Walkways is an alternative metal band based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Their debut album “Safe In Sound” was released in May 2013 has so far received striking reviews in various international magazines and music sites and blogs. Walkways’ music displays a unique combination of heavy riffs and soft parts, emotional melodies and a wide range of vocal styles. The band started off when Ran Yerushalmi (vocals) and Bar Caspi (guitars) met in 2006 and started playing together. Yoni Menner (guitars) joined soon after and a more concrete musical style was formed. Priel Horesh (drums) and Avihai Levy (bass) joined in 2010. Now with the current lineup in its final shape, Walkways have started moving forwards.


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