“Testament of Abraham” bestseller, bought by Umberto Eco’s publishing house

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Romanian bestseller “Testament of Abraham” by Igor Bergler has been purchased by La Nave di Teseo, the Italian publishing house established by Umberto Eco and Elisabeta Sgarbi.

Bergler’s second novel, “Testament of Abraham” (Litera, 2017), has exceeded the author’s first best-seller “The Lost Bible” this spring. “The Lost Bible “(RAO, 2015) was sold in more than 200,000 copies, becoming a best-seller in 31 countries.

“The Lost Bible” was published by the greatest publishing houses in the world (Penguin-Random House, Planeta), and was a hit from Serbia to Latin America. It was a sales record in Chile and Columbia. “The Lost Bible” is to be released in France, at Fleuve (Planeta editorial group) and in other countries.

I am happy that such a publishing house like Baldini+Castoldi-La Nave di Teseo wants my second book so much. As I said before, Umberto Eco has been always my favorite intellectual. It’s a great honour to be published by his publishing house,” Igor Bergler told us.

His books have been awarded at Gaudeamus Book Fair, where Bergler’s third volume of the Charles Baker series, “Michelangelo’s Lie” is to be launched this year.

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