“The best burger” prize awarded in Bucharest in less than a month

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“The best burger” will be awarded at the first edition of BurgerFest in Bucharest, due on May 22-24 at Verde Stop (in Barbu Vacarescu area).

BurgerFest is thus proposing three days of fun in Bucharest, in an open-air green location, where you can enjoy good music, concerts, games and contests, besides a special gastronomic experience.

There will be two competitions related to burgers, a professional one where qualified cooks from all genre restaurants will compete for the “best burger” title, and a contest for amateurs and for occasional cooks.Organizers are expected to announce soon the artists performing at this event.

To sign up for the amateurs’ competition, you can send e-mail at burgerfest.ro@gmail.com, with your personal information and a relevant picture. There are seats for only 16 persons, and the deadline is May 8.

Tickets are available for RON 15 per day or RON 39 for all three days of the event. Starting the first week of May, subscriptions for three days will be available in MyTicket.ro and Iabilet.ro networks.

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