The British writer who plans to bring Romanian fairytales from Transylvania back to life

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British writer John Row came from UK, bought a house in Romania, in the picturesque village of Colibița, Bistrita-Nasaud county and he is now working on a daring project, namely to write a bilingual fairytale book about the myths and legends  preserved in our county from old times.

The 72-year-old Row, who is also a poet, narrator and painter, plans to bunch as many fairytales as possible from the Transylvanian villages and publish them in a Romanian-English book that is intended to reach the schools in Romania and also abroad.

He told “Bonton” talk show at Digi24 that there are a lot of children in the UK who lost connections with their culture and tradition. He thinks that there is a general false impression about Romania and that most of the foreigners do not know much about our country.

John Row praises that Romania is a hospitable country and the people are very friendly and polite and these features deserve to be spoken out to foreigners.

As far as the fairytales’ project is concerned, he intends to pick up ancient local legends and stories from the old villagers in Transylvania, although it’s not very easy, as Row doesn’t know Romanian at all and the old villagers don’t know English.

John Row has written eight books and read stories to thousands of kids in the schools in Great Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, USA and Arab Emirates.

Every year, the writer attends various music festivals, where he sets up a tent and tells children lots of stories. He is also the first British who has also benefitted of a scholarship within a prison project, during 1999-2002, where he used to teach inmates to write and organize classic music festivals for them.

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