“The Cave Between Worlds” at “Valea Cetatii” cave in Rasnov.

The event is set during Rockstadt Extreme Fest which is already famous in the Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.


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Rockstadt Extreme Fest announces a new event which will take place inside the Valea Cetății Cave (The Fortress Valley): the artistic act and concept of “The Cave Between Worlds” wherefore a couple of musicians will offer their works in new shapes adapted to the environment’s requirements and therefore transformed into unique moments. What bonds these artists together is the interest in the bleakest and wildest tendencies of the experimental music, especially the dark ambient and the reverberation-built expressions which will be wonderfully amplified by the cave’s structure.

The event is set during Rockstadt Extreme Fest which is already famous in the Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. This year will be the seventh edition taking place between the 1st and the 4th of August. This debut includes four separate performances, spread across two days. Attila Csihar will attend with his project Void ov Voices, together with Arktau Eos, Alone in the Hollow Garden and ARAC.

The unique event “The Cave Between Worlds” will take place for two days, on the 2nd and the 3rd of August, 2019, inside the “Valea Cetatii” cave in Rasnov, rockstadtextremefest.ro informs.

• The first day will be reserved the musical projects “Alone In The Hollow Garden” and “Aktau Eos”.

• On the second day, concerts will be held by “ARAC Ensemble” and “Void Ov Voices”.

The time of the artistic acts on each day will be no more than one and a half hour for reasons of protecting the ecosystem of the cave.

For this event a maximum of 30 tickets will be offered on sale which will be available from April 24, 2019, at 10:00 AM online on www.iabilet.ro and from the iabilet shops, according to the organizers.

Those who will buy tickets at this event will have two days access, snacks and an alcohol products tasting from Republic of Moldavia (wine, cognac and others).

In addition, the participants will get two more presents: a Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2019 T-shirt and a “The Cave Between Worlds 2019” T-shirt. And if until the date of the event “The Cave Between Worlds” they also bought an all-day subscription at Rockstadt Extreme Fest, they will have access to the VIP platform of the festival, based on the bracelets received at the cave event.

The ticket for this unique event “The Cave Between Worlds” costs 1,000 RON.

On the occasion of this event, a prize contest consisting of 30 individual nominal invitations, prizes to be awarded after a draw, will be held.

Contest mechanism:
• Duration of the contest: 10 weeks, starting with 29.04.2019
• Frequency of draws: draws will take place weekly to designate 3 winners (every week)
• Every week on the Facebook page of the event there will be a post that will have two posters (Rockstadt Extreme Fest and The Cave Between Worlds) that must be “shared” publicly (shared)
• At the end of the week: people who have “publicly” shared the post mentioned above will be in a “random.org” extraction, with 3 invitations, each for 1 person.

Participation Criteria: Only people over the age of 18 and only if they have already purchased a Rockstadt Extreme Fest all days pass can participate at this contest.
The winners of the contest will benefit from access to the cave event for both days, snacks, tasting of alcoholic products from Republic of Moldavia (wine, cognac and others), Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2019 T-shirt and “The Cave Between Worlds 2019” T-shirt and will have access to the VIP platform from the festival, based on the cave bracelets.

Recommendation: On this occasion we reiterated the recommendation that people with claustrophobia be cautious about participating in this cave event, as the spaces inside the cave are very narrow. Also, minors’ access to this event, even accompanied, is not allowed.

“The Cave Between Worlds” filled with dark ambient and experimental music. Attila Csihar, Arktau Eos and others play live inside Valea Cetății Cave during Rockstadt Extreme Fest, in Transylvania



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