The final countdown till Bookfest 2016, Israel ready to display its “dream factory”

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Israel, the country that is guest of honor of the Bookfest International Book fair this year, proposes book lovers to inventorize and launch their dreams.

Starting from the most inspiring motto “Never Stop Dreaming” chosen to promote Israel at Bookfest, the organizers designed the stall as a dream factory where visitors are invited to lay down their thoughts on paper and then launch them through a secret mechanism.

During its 68 years of existence, the modern Israel has never stopped dreaming. This is the inheritance we want to pass around: no matter how utopian this dream might seem, it can be closer to reality than expected. The key is to never stop dreaming.

And the Israeli writers know best how to challenge us to dream, as they brought in Israel the most beautiful stories of the world from the dream portfolio,” said Shelly Hugler Livne, deputy head of Diplomatic Mission of the Israel Embassy to Romania.

30 events are in store for those who are mostly welcomed to visit Israel’s stall at C4 pavilion at Romexpo during June 1-5: book launches, round tables, debates, professional events or events for children. Readers will find a rich offer of books in Hebrew, Arabian and English, as well as famous Israeli books translated in Romanian.

But most of all, Romanian readers are invited to meet the six Israeli authors who will come at Bookfest: Zeruya Shalev, Fania Oz-Salzberger, Meir Shalev, Dror Mishani, Rony Oren and Gil Hovav, all bringing different styles, topics and stories.

Gil Hovav, one of the most known culinary journalists in Israel and in the world, praised as “a sort of Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and J.K Rowling altotogether.”

Hovav comes from one of the most respected Jewish families: his grand grand-father is Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, who revitalized the modern Hebrew language, his grandfather is Itamar Ben-Avi, the father of the modern journalism in Israel.

He conquered the foreign audience performing cuisine workshops which mix the Israeli gastronomy with his personal experiences and family stories.

Fania Oz-Salzberger, historian, the eldest daughter of famous Amos Oz. She is mostly known to the Romanian audience due to the “Jews and the Words” book, signed together with his father.

Zeruya Shalev, considered one of the most important Israeli contemporary writers. Her novels Love Life, Husband and Wife, Thera, and The Remains of Love have received critical acclaim both in Israel and abroad. They have been translated into 21 languages and were bestsellers in several countries.

Meir Shalev, Zeruya Shalev’s cousin, is another important guest coming to Bookfest. Novelist and journalist, Shalev’s books have been translated into 26 languages. His most famous book is “The Russian novel”, ranking among the five best-sold Israeli novels of all times. Shalev also writes non-fiction and children’s books.

Dror Mishani is a famous author of detective novels, but also editor and translator. He is the ‘father’ of inspector Avraham Avraham, the hero of a three-novel series. The first novel “The Missing File” was finalist of the prestigious CWA International Dagger Award in 2013.

Rony Oren, one of the most beloved and awarded animators in the world, is also claymator and academic. He is the author of over 500 animated short films in clay and over 30 children books which he illustrates or both writes and illustrates. His films were broadcast in over 80 countries, on PBS, ABC, Disney Channel, BBC or Channel 4. The Clayground philosophy is based on Oren’s trademarked method of working with clay.

Israel’s stall at Bookfest is supported by the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Romania-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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