The first free-of-charge DJ school in Romania soon on the market

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The first free-of-charge DJ school in Romania will open in Cluj-Napoca next month, with several famous DJs getting ready to become teachers and train 30 youngsters willing to follow in their footsteps.

The students will have the opportunity to learn and experiment new techniques and to play on professional devices.

“This year in Cluj-Napoca (…) during May 1-5, DJs like Argatu’, DJ Shiver, DJ Wicked, Dora Pop, Horace Dan D, IV-IN, Marius Mariş and Slim Rocka will change their daily job to become teachers for 30 youngsters. They will have the opportunity to discover and develop their abilities that they cannot learn in school or from tutorials on the Internet. For being a DJ is more than the technical side, we’ll also talk about passion, emotional intelligence, developing empathy and team work. We and our partners will cover all fees, including transport, accommodation and meal,” says a press release.

Youngsters aged from 14 to 20, passionate about music, can fill out the registration form at

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