The first inclusive playground opens in Bucharest

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The Association of the Social Insertion Alternative Methods (AMAis) has built the first public poli-sensory playground in Bucharest where all children can play regardless of their dis(abilities). The inauguration is due on Sunday, July 23, as of 5 p.m. in the garden of the Roma Culture Museum (101-125 Drumul Sabareni). It’s an invitation to children and parents altogether, to explore a creative, inclusive, interactive playground.

The playground, shaped like a pie, called the “Răspiua Pie”, is a radial construction where each slice of space is used to induce a sense or more. The space can be explored by the children in the wheelchair as well, can lure visually impaired or the autistic children into the music zone, can help muscles get stronger through the climbing surfaces and can provide a various range of textures. But the most important, the playground is meant to bring all children, disabled or not, together.playgr amais

The space has 28 square meters and can be used by 20 children aged from 3 to 10 at the same time. The fact that the construction is round helps children take their bearings more easily, compelling them to memorize the succession of the games, while the round walk inside the Pie is attractive and can hold children at play for a longer time.

After hanging around at the Roma Culture Museum during the summer, AMAis next target is to permanently relocate the playground structure in the National Park in Bucharest, where it could serve the community with the highest density of disabled chilren in the city.

Răspiua is an initiative of enabling all children’s access to the playgrounds in the city.

Răspiua is initiated by AMAis, financed through Mobilizăm excelența programme, created by Porsche România and developped together with the Fundația Comunitară București.

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