The International Film Festival for Young Audiences- KINOdiseea, the online edition

The best films of the 12th and 13th editions will be available online, for free, across the country


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KINOdiseea returns between October 20th and 31st with an online program that includes 12 feature films for children and families, 5 short films and a series of workshops: acting with Lulu Trăsnea, stop-motion animation with Augustin Pop and storytelling with Alina Tofan.

The 13th edition of KINOdiseea – The International Film Festival for young audiences ended in cinemas in Bucharest on September 28th, when the jury, composed of film producer Gabriela Suciu, director Anca Damian and communication specialist Cătălin Anchidin, awarded the prize for Best Animated Film to Calamity – The childhood of Martha Jane Cannary, directed by Rémi Chayé, “for bringing back to life a legendary character, less known to the younger generation, through an animation technique that puts in the spotlight the heroine born with a spirit of justice. A film very much anchored in the current reality, relevant and necessary. “

The jury also decided to give a Special Mention to the Czech film MARTIN AND THE MAGIC FOREST, directed by Petr Oukropec, “because it manages to transpose the public into a universe laden with symbols, acting as a survival guide for today’s teenager, built through a fantastic visual collage. ”

Both films, along with ten other titles, can be watched in all Romania between October 20th and 3st, on the website. Movies can be watched for free following the registration of an account on the streaming platform, limited to a number of views.

Movies from the KINOdiseea online program include:

MARTIN AND THE MAGIC FOREST, the Czechoslovak co-production directed by Petr Oukropec, that tells the story of Martin, a boy from the city who spends the summer in a camp in the woods. He finds it annoying not to have access to the internet but completely forgets about this when he discovers that in the forest there are creatures that need his help to stop the construction projects that are starting in the area. A clever and adventurous movie, around the theme of environmental protection.

CALAMITY – THE CHILDHOOD OF MARTHE JANE CANNARY, a French- Danish co-production, signed by Rémi Chayé, winner of the award for Best Animation at the European Film Awards 2020 and winner of numerous awards at film festivals for young audiences from all over the world. In 1863, in the USA, Martha is 12 years old and her family is moving west, in a caravan wagon, in search of a better life. After her father is seriously injured in an accident, Martha has to take responsibility for taking care of her younger siblings while learning at the same time to drive the cart. She never felt freer and braver. Once in the west, she discovers herself, together with a world that transforms her and confirms her unique personality, revealing the legendary Calamity Jane.

BUSTER‘S WORLD, directed by Martin Miehe-Renard, tells the story of Buster (11 years old), who never loses his sense of humor – he’s optimistic and ambitious and wants to become one of the greatest magicians Denmark has ever seen. His biggest dream is to win the talent contest, so Buster trains every day with his old friend, Mr. Larsen, who is a magic afficionado. However, Buster has a few hurdles to overcome, especially since his school bully, Simon-Olaf, is not only the fiercest competitor in the competition but he wants to also to conquer Joanna, the girl Buster is in love with. Things get more complicated when his disabled sister asks for his help, and Mr. Larsen’s health deteriorates.

BIRTA, directed by Bragi Thor Hinriksson, tells the story of a little girl who is responsible and strong and tries to get money through unique and adventurous means, after overhearing her mother on the phone talking about her worries for the financial crisis and about not being able to afford the family’s Christmas expenses. But it’s not easy to embark on such an endeavor, when you are only 11 years old.

BINTI is a Belgian film directed by Frederike Migom, one of the most appreciated children’s films of 2020, with a world premiere at Sundance, awarded in Tallinn, Flanders or Montreal; the film tells the story of Binti who is 12 years old and was born in Congo, but lived all her life with her father in Belgium. Even if they do not have a legal form to stay in the country, Binti wants a normal life and, moreover, to become a famous vlogger like her idol, Tatyana.

JACKIE AND OOPJEN, directed by Annamaria van de Mond, is a comedy for the whole family that invites us to walk among the galleries and works of art of the Rijksmuseum from Amsterdam. After the visitor program is closed, Jackie, the 12-year-old girl of the custodian discovers that one of Rembrandt’s famous paintings is coming to life. An unlikely friendship is formed when Oopjen (a famous character in Rembrandt’s painting) confuses Jackie with her long-lost sister.

TRIPLE TROUBLE, directed by Marta Karwowska, follows the story of the first film of the Polish series – Double Trouble, whose 2017 screening at KINOdiseea was a resounding success among the little ones. Three years later, at the 2020 edition, we took part in the new adventure of Julka and Olek: when Monet’s Pourville Beach painting disappears from Poznan National Museum, the children have an important mission ahead of them – to find the painting, to discover the identity of the thief and save an innocent painter accused of theft. The two little investigators work together in harmony, that is until Felka appears and the entanglements follow her.


Storytelling – Improvisation and fun! (trainer – Alina Tofan) – a storytelling workshop with role-playing games, befriending the concept of character / character construction – every child will work with a toy he or she has and present it to the group / it will be their character throughout the workshop.

Details: October 23rd, 10:30 am, age recommendation: 6 – 10 years, maximum number of participants: 15.

Storytelling – Map of Emotions (trainer – Alina Tofan) – a creativity and improvisation workshop (emotion map, body mapping – resource awareness, how we transform what we feel in something artistic – encouraging creativity, spontaneity and role play).

In this workshop, the little ones will learn more about themselves, about the differences between them and others, about emotions and how we can turn any emotion into a resource through improvisation, role play and creativity!

Details: October 24th, 10:30 am, age recommendation: 7 – 10 years, maximum number of participants: 15.

Acting (trainer –– Lulu Trăsnea) – During the workshop, children will play interactive theatrical games, through which they will develop: attention, memory, the ability to concentrate, the ability to speak in public, diction. They will also explore their creativity through imagination games.

Details: October 30th, 31st, 10:30 am, age recommendation: 09 – 12 years, maximum number of participants: 10.

Stop-motion animation (trainer Augustin Pop) – stop-motion animation involves imagination,

curiosity and patience, but also the power to plan and compose completely new images. In this workshop, children will create short animated films from pictures, giving life to objects, outlining characters and stories. The little ones will learn to take photos, develop the power of focusing and visual thinking.

Details: October 30th, 31st, 10:30 am, age recommendation: 10 – 14 years old, maximum number of participants: 10.

Romania Journal supports the festival as media partner.

KINOdiseea is organized by the Metropolis Cultural Association, co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration, member of Europa Cinemas.

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the results of the project can be used. They are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding. ”

KINOdiseea is the largest children’s film festival in Central and South-Eastern Europe.The festival is a member of the ECFA – European Children’s Film Association. In the 12 previous editions, the festival registered over 130,000 participants, in Bucharest and other cities in the country.

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